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Not a brand giveaway

Pictures by James Vyn

HANGING OUT IN ZURICHDuring our stay in Zürich for the fashion days, James and I had the chance to discover a really cool, brand new hotel : Renaissance tower, situated in the industrial zone of the city. It was the perfect spot, only 3 minutes away from the shows, with a great view on the city and some amazing food. Since we get to travel quite a lot, we always enjoy staying in cozy places, with a friendly team and a cool atmosphere (well… I actually just need some wifi and then I’ll be okay with any hotel, geek internet addict…) and Renaissance tower had for sure all those qualities. On our arrival day, we decided to enjoy a light lunch at their Equinox restaurant which has got this amazing modern interior and such a perfect light for the pictures, James was happy like a kid. We ordered some cesar salads, and enjoyed a relaxing moment before getting ready for the shows. It’s always such a pleasure to be in Zürich, I just feel like it’s the New York of Switzerland. Meaning, another mentality, completely different culture compared to the rest of Switzerland just like New York (it’s a city compeltely apart from the rest of the US, they have got such a modern, creative and free spirit : I love it so much and I think that’s what attracts people so much to the big apple). So I would say that Zürich is more young, fresh, innovative and opened which is something I respect so much. Each time we’re back there, it feels like home… Home away from home. 

On that day, I was wearing a super comfortable outfit, perfect for travel and a day in town. I wore a new cashmere by Tania shirt that I got through the Not A Brand online shop. Remember this awesome website who hosts all those exclusive designers I talked to you guys about in one of my previous posts (feel free to check it out by clicking right here) well it turns out that on my trip to Milan for fashion week I stumbled accross the lovely girls who manage this awesome web shopping spot (guess where… at the Zara of course, we’re all Zara addicts). Turns out we spoke about a really cool project which you’ll learn about at the end of the article… So back to the look. Well obviously cashmere is like the most amazing material for cold days. You don’t even have to wear multiple layers to feel warm and cozy. I had my cashmere by Tania shirt on and was feeling incredible. The quality of the brand is absolutely phenomenal, not to mention that all the pieces are hand crafted in Italy which makes it a really precious piece to put on your body. To add a cool detail to my look, I decided to wear my Edenborough Evans silver necklace which looked great with my Zara boots. Straight from Australia, this brand has been created by the very talented Anna Cowen and got instantly a huge success. No wonder why, the jewerly really looks like some art pieces. So guys, I thought one giveaway is good (you guys had the chance indeed to take part in the Rita & Zia giveaway on monday, by the way you can still join in by clicking here) but two is even better. So today, Not A Brand and Kayture are giving you guys the occasion to win two awesome Not A Brand pieces : the cashmere by Tania top and the Edenborough Evans necklace, basically both items I am wearing in this post.

In order to win the Cashmere by Tania top and Edenborough Evans necklace, all you guys have to do is :
– Follow Kayture on bloglovin and twitter
– Follow Not A Brand of facebook 
– Leave a comment under this post with a contact so we can easily reach out to you if you win

NECKLACE : Edenborough Evans through Not A Brand
BAG : Zalando Collection
RING : Avinas
COAT : Unknown

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