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Manifesto by yves saint laurent

Pictures by James Vyn  

DINNER AT LA RESERVEA couple of days ago, more precisely in between two Zürich fashion days,  James and I got the chance to enjoy the presentation of Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume : Menifesto, held at ”La Réserve”,  one of the most gorgeous and exclusive hotels here in Geneva. Since I got already a little preview of this brand new fragrance in Paris (the perfume is indeed already available in many countries, you can for sure check out your local Sephora if you’re curious to discover this new ”juice”) so I actually knew what to expect. Complete bliss! This new scent is so feminin, and let’s say that Jessica Chastain represents perfectly the image of the strong and powerfull YSL women, who controls her destiny and believes in herself. I was really looking forward to hear a little bit more about the creation of Manifesto and it turns out that the whole concept of it has been inspired by fashion and art which is obivously representatif of Saint Laurent’s spirit. The scent is very delicate and changes a lot depending of who wears it. On me, it smells incredibly sweet and I simply love it. The main notes are made of jasmin and vanilla which makes it a very sensual, delicate and subtle scent perfect for the everyday life or special occasions. Not to mention that the bottle is incredibly gorgeous, it’s like a fashion accessory and will look so good on my night stand (don’t you guys also keep your perfume bottles as decorative pieces or is it only me being weird?). Also note that it’s shape has been inspired by the silhouette of a woman, how cool is that? Anyway, in my opinion it seems to be the perfect christmas gift.

For this special occasion, I decided to wear something very classy. I was quite afraid to fall in the ”over-the-top” outfit since I new it was going to be quite a formal event. So going with a long dress was a little risky… However it felt like the right decision and seemed to reflect well enough my mood of the day + was well adapted to YSL’s concept of strong, powerfull and brave woman.  Yep, all those thougths over just one simple dress. To make it look less dramatic and more sophisticated I decided to wear a basic black blazer with it, some black stilletos and Prada inspired earrings. Afterall, the outfit was perfect for the occasion and matched quite well the location. La Réserve is in my opinion an absolutely stunning place in Geneva, it is a great hotel, amazing spa and above all has got 3 awesome food spaces : a french restaurant, a chinesse one and finally a bar which has some incredible cocktails. I think YSL made the best decision by choosing it as the spot for their presentation : the ambiance was really powdery, sensual and perfect with the mood of the perfume. Enjoy those pictures guys, I am writing to you right now straight from Mexico city and can’t wait to show you all the amazing pictures we shot.

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