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Pictures by James Vyn

COMFY Before showing you guys the rest of our pictures from Mexico (yup, I can believe I’ve still got so many left, it’s pretty impressiv how many picture we shot back there : all I can say is that there were lots of cool moments to capture) I wanted to make a little quick break and show you guys a perfect outfit for the freezy days. I though, gosh how easy it was to dress in Mexico where the sun was shining, here in Switzerland where the most warm it can get by this time of the year is like 10°, it tends to be quite annoying to find some pretty ways to dress up and feel warm at the same time. You see, the fact is that you don’t usually have like 15 coats in your dressing to adapt to your outfits and well let’s say, showing you guys what’s underneath the coat is quite tough when it’s really bone freezing outside. So better find some nice solutions to looks chic and still feel comfortable. 

On the day James and I shot these pictures, it wasn’t that horribly cold as the other days so I decided to wear my beloved A+Ro coat which really feels like a warm blanket on your body. And I can tell you, I was feeling super warm throughout the whole entire day. Also it’s funny but I’ve  noticed that wearing some gloves or a beanie can change everything, not esthetically obviously but avoids you catching a cold which is absolutely great. And above all, I think that beanies are such cool winter accessories, they add that little edgy style to any look. To top off my outfit of the day I have chosen to wear a Zara burgundy leather shirt matched to deep red lips, as you might now burgundy (more commonly known as bordeau or deep red… more classy to say burgundy of course) has really been one of my favourtie shades lately.

COAT . A+Ro Thanks to Macha from the Omnitrade showroom
BAG : Dior
SHOES : Unknown 
LIPS : M.A.C ”Diva”

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