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Shooting for nylon mexico

Pictures by James Vyn

PINK MAGNOLIA SS13 One of the most exciting things while staying in the land of tacos and sombreros (not that it resumes how I see Mexico but let’s admit that those are two highly important elements) was the shooting I had to do for Nylon Mexico. For the occasion I had the chance to wear Pink Magnolia’s new collection ”Baby Light My Fire” which had just been presented during fashion week. It was a huge honour to wear Paola’s new creations and above all work with such a cool and proffessional team. Compared to some previous shootings I had to do, this one was done so quickly that I didn’t even have time to say ”chilli sauce”. Was it because I was having so much fun or because the organisation was excellent? That’s a mystery.

So we basically picked out some favourite pieces out of the entire collection which ended up to be 4 absolutely stunning dresses. We shot the pictures inside one of the most beautiful italian restaurant in Mexico city, the architecture reminded me of my grandmother’s place with vintage details and olden walls but the atmosphere was beyond amazing for the pictures. In this articles you guys get the sneak peek before everyone of what the shoot is going to look like, those are just backstage pictures James snapped while I was shooting but I can’t even imagine what it’s going to look like in the magazine itself. Finally,  my question is which one of those four looks is your favourite one among Pink Magnolia’s new collection : the black and neon dress, the long black evening dress, the sparkly cocktail dress or the white one?

ALL DRESSES : Pink Magnolia
EARRINGS : Juicy Couture
SHOES : Navyboot

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