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Casual day in mexico

Pictures by James Vyn

VISIT AT THE LOCAL MARKETYes guys, I indeed still have pictures to show you from our journey in Mexico. It has been such an amazing trip, James and I shot so many different looks and have done so many memorable activities that I just can’t avoid sharing all this content with you. So, without counting this post I still have around 3 article about Mexico, or 2 to show you folks. Are you ready? I hope you are because I simply can’t wait to talk to you guys about everything. On our third day in the city, Pamela decided to take us through a very typical mexican day with a lot of walking and different location visits. Therefore a casual outfit was required, but since you know that I never play it too casual, I decided to go with a chic yet comfy outfit made of some olive green pants, low boots, and black top with blazer. To add some interesting details, I matched to the look my brand new Lady Dior bag and self made necklace. What do you think of this combination? It really seemed to be the perfect match for the day.

We kicked off the day with a visit of the local market where you can really find some incredible treasures. James and I were fascinated by all the bright colours surrounding us and there was truly something magical about the atmosphere. Of course it was great to see some piñatas and I even had the chance to try out my very frist sombrero which was a lot of fun. We ended our day at one of the most delicious restaurant ever : Porfirio’s where we tried some amazing traditional dishes (yes indeed, this time we didn’t go to a japanese restaurant). My favourite ones were the tacos, holy tacos… And of course at the end some churros for dessert.

SHIRT : Billabong
BAG : Dior
NECKLACE : Personal Design

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