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Mexico part iii

Pictures by James Vyn

VISIT AT SOUMAYA As our Mexican trip soon arrived to it’s end, we begged our lovely guides : Paola, Pamela and Daniella, to show us some treasure spots in the city and to plan some extra activities while we had energy. Luckily the jet lag didn’t get us during our stay (if only the first night) so we were full of enthusiasm and ready to enjoy a busy day. A little surprise was waiting me, Pink Magnolia organised an incredible morning shooting for Nylon magazine, I had the chance to wear some of my favourite pieces from Paola’s new SS13 collection ”Baby Light my fire” and I simply can’t wait to show you guys the result. Of course, James shot some backstage pictures that I will share with you next week. Already looking forward to know your opinion. Once we were done with the shoot, it was time for a light lunch and then a visit of a magical place in town : the Soumaya museum.

It was the perfect spot to make some pictures. I can’t even describe you guys how excited James got when he saw this gigantic building ( I mean, can I even name it a building? It’s actually more like a huge art piece). Never I’ve seen such an impressiv architecture, wait… let me think about it… Nope. Never. The feeling when you are standing in front of it is completely overwhelming and magical at the same time. That day we had the chance to enjoy a gorgeous sunshine : it was the ideal occasion to wear some real summer clothing. At first, I felt like I was dressed as a tennis girl vs. nurse because of the pleated white skirt and lime shirt but then I thougth that the idea was quite interesting… To add a cool detail I matched my new Juicy Couture earrings : those are my absolut crush of the moment. I honestly could wear them with anything. We ended the day in a lovely restaurant, enjoying some japanese food (yes…again) and cracking up the whole jar of fortune cookie.

SKIRT : Zara
BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Navyboot
EARRINGS : Juicy Couture

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