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Kayture bag launch

Pictures by James Vyn

FAB ACCESSORIES AT JELMOLI IN ZURICHI can’t believe it took me so long to post these pictures, I’ve been actually so excited to show them to you guys. On the 24th of October, right before our departure for Münich, James and I hosted our bag launch at the Jelmoli Zürich Fab Accessories corner, for the occasion I’ve invited some of my amazing swiss readers simply to enjoy this little party with us : celebrate this new project, enjyo a glass of champagne and of course meet up. It’s always nice to be able to communicate via twitter, instagram or facebook with you folks but honestly getting the chance to meet in real life is completely different. First of all because you have this strange feeling that you are already very close with the person and know her very well but then might be quite surprised as well. Anyway, it was such a huge blast to welcome some of you guys to the Kayture bag launch, James and I were thrilled to see all of you. I was absolutely amazed to see all the incredible feedback and hope that you also enjoyed the event. I can’t be more gratefulll for your daily support and really respect and cherish the fact that you travel especially to meet up with us is something very important and motivating to us.

 Though it wasn’t the official launch of the bag, you guys had the chance to see it live, to try it on and of course feel the material and quality on the 24th knowing the bag isn’t yet officially available for shopping. We were selling that day 5 pieces and there is already a little waiting list for those of you who’d like to get the bag in advance, if so feel free to send me a mail on [email protected]. Concerning the official launch, well the bag will be released on the 17th of November followed also by a really cool giveaway. One of you will be able to actually win one Kayture bag! Not to mention that Fashiolista have been the one helping us out with this great project and they will host the giveaway too so you should definitely stay updated. On the 17th of November you guys will be able to officially get the bag online on Feel free to take a picture of you wearing it and I will create a post with all the pictures I received and link it back to your own blogs or web pages. I will for sure announce this little concept a little later on the 17th. I hope you’ll enjoy those pictures, it was so amazing to meet you and I hope that we’ll have many other occasions like this one to chat again.


DRESS : Zara
SHOES : Steve Madden
JEWERLY : Rita & Zia + Backstage

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