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Zurich fashion days : part i

Pictures by James Vyn

SWISS MADE FASHIONIt is 5 am right now and I am still writing this message which will be posted tomorrow morning (thanks to blogger it is possible to plan articles in advance)… Gosh, my parents will kill me when they’ll read this. 5am and not in bed! The fact is that I simply couldn’t wait to share with you guys some of our new pictures made today, err I mean yesterday ( 5am : in between morning, night and everything, I feel lost), at the Zurich Fashion Days. So, let me talk to you a little bit about the concept which is quite similar to classic fashion week but has got some of it’s own particularities. Well, the reason why it is called fashion days and not fashion week is for a very simple reason, instead of going through the whole week it takes part from wednesday 7th until saturday 10th of November which makes it 4 entire days of fashion fun. Also another special fact : the designers are all mixed up together, meaning that we don’t really have separates fashion shows like in Paris or in New York. At the Fashion Days, you get to sit down and enjoy for a couple of hours a huge amount of gorgeous clothing since various designer are presenting their pieces one by one but without a pause in between each show. So it is quite intense, but I enjoyed every little bite of it. It was actually quite nice to be able to sit down and not think about rushing to another place to catch up on another show : something I didn’t really appreciate in Paris, my feet were killing me and my goodness I was dying for a coffee or even a chair for a couple of minutes. SO being able to relax and simply enjoy the clothing was a huge luxury and blast. Not to mention that sitting front row at the shows is quite enjoyable too…

We all had the chance to discover various SS13 collection created by incredibly talented designers, and not only swiss ones as you might think but more precisely europeean. The ones that caught my attention? MSMG, a brand you all know of course,  presented a very safari chic inspired collection with a lot of prints and pattern mix. Laurel, a stunning brand straight from Germany, showed us how to play with the colours : all those vivid shades made me want to go back to summer again. Finally Mila Schön created some absolutely breathtaking pieces : my eyes got captured by her incredible designs, perfectly feminine with some extremely glamourous details such as pearls, rhinestones, crystals and above all a structures to die for. So the Fashion Days definitely began with a great ambiance, amazing designers, great music ( a brand called Pegasus performed in between two designers and I absolutely loved it) and very nice people. The level has been set very high and I was more than impressed and surprised in a good way to see such a good organization. Why surprised? Well you see, fashion has always been a difficult subject here in Switzerland. To be able to see this evolution is absolutely great and I hope that our market will continue making steps further in the fashion industry : Switzerland has got a huge potential which would be so interesting to develop. Hope you guys will enjoy those pictures, for the occasion I decided to wear a really comfortable look made of a new dress I got thanks to Irene from Blackpool, she is a young and talented swiss designer I discovered at the Edelweiss Showroom in Geneva and now I am absolutely in love with her creations. A talent which everybody should keep an eye on, isn’t there something à-la Mary Katrantzou in this dress?


DRESS : Blackpool
COAT : Three Floor
BRACELET : Swarovski
RING : Avinas
CLUTCH : Vintage

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