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Kristina bazan for dolce & gabbana

LAST SEPTEMBER IN MILANDo you guys remember my article at the Dolce & Gabbana showroom last september during fashion week (if your memory is playing tricks on you then feel free to check it out under these two link, the Dolce Gabbana fashion show, the Dolce Gabbaba showroom)? Well it turns out that we haven’t been only invited to assist to their SS13 show but also had the great opportunity to meet and greet their team at their HQ in Milan, try on the new FW2013 collection and talk about it for their Swide chanel. It was a lovely experience which both James and I enjoyed a lot. As usual, I was completely fascinated by all the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pieces, it’s perfectly over-the-top with designs who seems to be very ”excess” inspired but put all together are looking so incredibly good. I am the kind of person who likes to mix up different pieces, and I for sure like to have some eccentricity in my look. Either some original pants, a nice bag or some outstanding shoes. At the showroom, it was so difficult to choose just one piece : the fact is that each of them appeared to me like a statement piece and that is why I loved it so much. So I went ahead and picked out three different outfits. N° 1 A Putti print skirt paired to a lace top, then N°2 a gorgeous Lace and bouclè dress, and finally N°3 a lovely tapestry Dolce bag with a bouclè dress. I hope you will enjoy this short video guys. 

Also a quick update before I go pack my lagguages : James and I will be leaving this evening to Mexico city! This will be our first time in Latin America and I simply can’t wait to discover the country. We have been invited by the lovely brand Pink Magnolia to come and assist at their show during the Mexico Mercedes Benz fashion week as well as visit their store and showroom. So folks, I am waiting for your tips and advice, we can’t wait to discover a little bit more about Mexico and I am so excited to get my sombrero on the head and eat some serious tacos, fajitas and buritos. Aiariba. Also, and above all : I am seriously looking forward to wear some summer clothing again. It has been way too cold in Switzerland lately. So see you soon under the sun and stay uptaded : on monday you guys will be bale to discover a very cool Rita & Zia giveaway on the blog.

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