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A la russe

Pictures by James Vyn

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Among my favourite accessories for fall and winter are scarfs and hats, those two are the perfect fashion pieces for chilly days and above all great picks to fight the cold. I’ve recently fell in love with a brand called A La Russe, their pieces and especially the schals, completely remind me of my childhood. Some of you might know that I was born in Belarus, more precisely Minsk. Therefore I have some traditional ”russian” roots, I do speak fluently russian (as a matter of fact every single day at home with my family and still have some lovely memories of my childhood back there). All I can say is that I remeber these schals so easily, they are part of the coutry’s folklore in my opinion, and I think there’s absolutely nothing more charming than that.

So when I saw A La Russe’s website, I immediatly got a crush. Not only because some really heart warming souvenirs came up in my head but also because I thought that it’s really cool to re-invent a sort of a traditional piece into a fashion statement one. Not to mention that I’ve chosen the schal called ”Kristina”, each of the pieces on their online store has got a name. Cool fact isn’t it? So it’s not just a schal, it definitely feels like a personalised one. The quality is beyond amazing and has been crafted in Russia, talking about traditional : it keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. So my outfit is all in burgundy, plum and cream shades. These colours just seem perfect by this time of the year. What do you guys think about it?


COAT : Zara
SCHAL : ”Kristina” A La Russe
HAT : Zalando
PANTS : Windsor Store
BOOTS : Mango
BAG : Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Cornwall Street
SPIKE BRACELET : Jessica Kovacs
SHIRT : Isabel Lu

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