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Espresso in paris

Pictures by James Vyn

LOST AND FOUND I was browing the other day through my picture folders, trying to clean it all up and organise my desktop which believe me : started to look like a giant mess. And you know what, I found some pretty amazing things, as a matter of fact I found some pictures I’ve actually never posted but love so much. The thing is that, each time we travel, we tend to over shoot since there are always so many interesting things to see and therefore share with you. Still, I can’t believe I didn’t show you guys these ones that we shot during last fashion week in Paris. It was a fabulous trip and this outfit in particular has been created for the News & Style section on, therefore a whole shooting was organised in the city with their team and various looks.

For the occasion, I had the chance to choose among my favourite Zalando collection pieces, in order to create the perfect casual/streetstyle look and incorporate it in the gorgeous city. Of course, nothing is easier than shooting in Paris. The landscape is beyong gorgeous from almost any angle and reflects such a charm and spirit… So concerning the look, I decided to stay with very neutral shades and a minimalistic outlook as the goal was to be chic and comfortable. Therefore I have chosen this super warm sweater, simply love it’s geometric print, and matched the top (which is obviously the highlight of the look) to some very simple details such as the hat, the boots or the leather bag. Any thoughts?

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