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SUGAR RUSH I must admit that I am really mad about myself right now, I never miss my monday post but this week-end and week has been quite crazy so at least for health matters, I decided to use the free time James and I had left to sleep, which ended up to be a really good decision, my body definitely said thank you. It’s amazing how there’s some extremely full times of the year where you gotta rush from one place to another or study like a book-a-holic (because all the controls are stuck in one month) and then much more relaxed ones. In this case, let’s just say that it has been quite exciting yet a little overwhelming since it demands a very good organisation and that I sometimes prefer watching TBBT instead of opening my laptop or agenda. So basically, we just came back from a great trip to Gstaad with Louis Vuitton, we were working an awesome project during two days. And it’s a little secret, so James and I couldn’t show you the pictures we shot. Today we are on our way to Milan to attend the Guess fashion show and then the Gala. Not to mention that last week we held the DIIO Senses cocktail in Lausanne, fabulous event where I had the chance to meet some of you guys. It was an amazing experience and I hope you all had a lot of fun.

I am anyways looking forward to Christmas, and feel the need to spend some cozy time with my family at home around a nice meal. And let’s not even mention New Year’s Eve, that’s going to be a great celebration. Do you folks have some interesting things planned? Since I didn’t have much time to prepare pictures for a story article, I wanted to share with you guys some of my highlight instagram pictures, just because I know that some of you don’t have an Iphone or Android so that way you can all also enjoy some pictures I take every single day through the little camera of my mobile phone. Lots of kisses and see you soon (can’t wait to show you all the amazing shots we took, just need to find a quiet moment to edit!).

Nothing is more exciting than coming back in our room after a good day of filming and discovering a mystery box from the Louis Vuitton team
Just received the new Zalando magazine which has two story pages about my fashion week experience! Love the pictures
 This week’s new jewerly, can’t wait to try and style all those bright and sparkly pieces. Any favourite?
Gambas time at the Lausanne Palace, my favourite place in Switzerland
Spending some quality time with James in Montreux at his family house, how I love this place
Comfy and cozy, working on the blog at home. Wearing some of my most warm Helly Kitty socks, don’t make fun…
We had the chance to visit the new Louis Vuitton store in Gstaad, and I completely fell in love with this clutch
Dorothy’s shoes at La Muse shop in Geneva, those beauties are by Rousseau. So in love ✨
At the Helena Rubinstein presentation in Zürich, it’s make-up time
Ceaser salad for the win, great meal to hit the day!
At the Alpina hotel in Gstaad for the Louis Vuitton project, thumbs up, smile on
So absolutely in love with Tom Ford’s make-up collection, perfectly feminin and sensual.

Sending you my love while shooting an article at home

A little gingerbread man from the Sprüngli heaven for all of you guys!
An exciting moment for a woman : receiving a little cyan box from Tiffany&Co (even though it’s the press kit usb key inside, I‘ll still keep the box!)
Absolutely stunning nailpolish from OPI’s new Mariah collection. Sand sparkly texture called “Can’t Let Go”
Gigantic posters of the DIIO Senses christmas bracelet at the Globus in Lausanne, still amazed to be the face of the campagn (gotta check out the bracelet we’ve worked on and let me know your thougths!)
Preview of the project we worked on in Gstaad with Louis Vuitton! This is quite promising.
Guerlain’s upcoming spring/summer meteorites collection, absolutely adorable
At the charity fund raiser “Action Innocence” organised by maison Chanel
A couple of goodies, Vince Camuto clutch, Guerlain meteorites pressed powder and lipstick!
Giving my heart away to the love of Swiss mountains! ❤
The view from my place is quite a dream, waking up and seeing this is simply magic! ⛄
Heaven in the Swiss mountains! Enjoying some quality time with prosecco and bubbles

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