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Louis vuitton gstaad resort store

Pictures by James Vyn

FILMING IN THE MOUNTAINSI’ve always been extremely fascinated by the world of Louis Vuitton, seriously how can you not be. Not only was my very first designer bag a Louis Vuitton one (which I bought especially for my 18th birthday and which was simply perfect for this important occasion) but also always felt so close and understood so well the brand’s spirit : I admire how fast, creative and innovative they are. So when I got asked to take part in a very special project this winter, I couldn’t be more excited.  As Louis Vuitton is opening their new store in Gstaad, one of the most emblematic winter destination in the world situated in the Bern Alps region of Switzerland, it was the perfect occasion to work with them on a very interesting and mysterious project.

James and I got the chance to spend a couple of days in Gstaad with Louis Vuitton while filming a magical video for the opening of their new boutique located on the famous Gstaad ”Promenade”. The whole idea of the clip was to relate the fascinating world and spirit of this Gstaad resort store which is truly one of a kind : inspired by the swiss chalets it has the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere ever (there’s even a Louis Vuitton lounge for the lazy boyfriends, or girlfriends who knows, who escort their beloved one for an intense shopping journey) not to mention that it is the first Louis Vuitton shop on earth to have a fireplace! I must admit that I felt really proud to be swiss and take part in such an incredible experience, everything that represents the country was there, mountains, fresh air and incredible clothing. Yes because Switzerland is becoming a highly fashionable place! The official video is coming out tomorrow. Stay updated.

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