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The blue hat

Pictures by James Vyn

ALL ABOUT LAYERSWell, you know I think most of us have this dilemma during cold days : how to dress up without looking like a giant layered tart. My big issue is, as soon as I feel a tiny breeze of bone freezing air, my instincts push me to put all the entity of my closet on me. So I’ll be putting two pairs of tights or socks, a body underneath my sweater and a jacket to top it all of. Not to mention, huge coat, gloves and of course mega scarf. The result is that I look like a gigantic pumpking pie… Which can actually be quite fun if you’re in the winter feast day mood but if you prefer to be comfortable and light then well… that’s obisously not the right solution. So the thing is to find tricks to fight the cold and still stay classy. My tip would be to really focus on the ends of your body, meaning hands, head and feet. I suggest you to wear warm gloves and a hat if possible. Also don’t mess up on the socks, the warmer they are the better. This is the kind of outfit I like to wear when it’s getting really cold outside (not -20° obviously of course, but something around 5°). Warm but still elegant with nice materials and a comfy design. 

James and I were the other day in Zürich for a Helena Rubinstein press conference, it turned out that I struggled a little bit finding what to wear… This is the kind of moment when you simply crave the Margiela for H&M blanket coat which would have been so so perfect for the occasion, isn’t it? I know I did. Another great trick to fight the cold is simply to buy a hot drink on the go, it will keep your hands and body warm. Not to mention that it is so comforting. The press conference went out really well, I was more than excited to hear more about the brand and discover some of their upcoming products for 2013. Well it turns out that we are really going to be spoiled since the brand came up with a real revolution in terms of mascara, ever heard of a mascara that doesn’t dry out? I haven’t. Yet Helena Runbinstein’s team came up with the concept and created the perfect one which you’ll be able to purchase in march 2013. More to follow!

COAT / BOOTS : Zalando Collection
HAT : Zara
BAG : Lady Dior
PANTS : Guess
NECKLACE : Chai Kim via Style Sofia

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