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The red touch

Pictures by James Vyn

PIAGET HIGHLIGHTS It’s getting darker earlier and earlier each day… Those sweet winter delights. So basically if you wake-up at 8am and spend the day at your office, then get back at 6pm then well you might not even see a tiny ray of sunshine. Can you believe that we shot those pictures at 4pm and that it was getting already super dark? In less than 30 minutes it was completely night. This freaks me out and especially annoys me quite a lot. Still, I know some of you guys from Sweden have got that during the whole year isn’t it? You know how it makes me feel : just want to spend the day in, drink hot chocolate and eat christmas cookies. This is the best schedule I could come up with. So James and I were the other day invited to spend a morning with the Piaget team at their manufacture, I was more than excited to see the ”behind the scene” process.

The visit went out incredibly well, it was simply stunning to see all the work put into each piece. I love how Piaget stays so exclusive, produces very few pieces and really focuses on craftmanship. You guys can find bellow some highlight pictures shot during our visit, I wondered if more technical pictures would interest you but then thought oh well it’s soon christmas let those brains rest in peace for a while. So bellow you’ll be able to see some absolutely spectacular diamonds, precious stones as well as an exclusive watch from Piaget’s archive exposition. For the day, I’ve decided to wear a comfy and quite simpe outfit, all black embelished with red details such as the lips, the skirt and of course the Kayture bag which I designed for Fab. Accessories, if you guys want to have a look at it please feel free to click here.  What do you think of this outfit of the day  guys?

SHOES : Mango
BAG : Fab. by Kayture

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