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Braids and blues

Pictures by James Vyn

LAZY & COZY Well, well… These past couple of days I literally drowned in my blankets with a heavy flu. I am the kind of annoying person who always, and I mean it, always gets sick during holidays. It’s like my brain and metabolism is running at the speed of light during working days without thinking twice and when it has to slow down everything breaks down and I get sick and have to spend the rest of my holidays packed up in my sheets. So this is the reason why I kind of disappeared. But I can tell you, it felt quite good to stay away for the computer for a little while and enjoy soups and tv shows. It was the perfect way to reload energy and kick off the year. James and I are leaving in a couple of hours to Florence for Firenze 4 Ever with Luisa Via Roma, it’s going to be an awesome experience with a bunch of great bloggers. So be sure that when we’ll come back, we’ll have loads of pictures to share with you guys.

Yesterday though, we went out to shoot this outfit and I took advantage of the occasion to try out a new hair style. Also, I wanted to thank you for your awesome support in my project with DIIO Senses, the bracelets had a huge success and we’re so so happy about it. As some of you might know, I’ve been creating my own jewerly pieces for years now, customizing some old jewerly with new pieces and creating unique necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never wanted to sell them because they mean a lot to me, but who knows, maybe I will one day. So being able to collaborate on a design was an amazing opportunity and having your support is just awesome. So to thank you, DIIO Senses and I decided to offer all of you guys who’ll get the bracelet through Kayture from now on (either by clicking on the banner placed in my sidebar or simply on this link here) you guys will get a customized present made of some of my favourite things with your purchase for example a card, some treats and a surprise gift!


SHIRT : In Love With Fashion
EARRINGS : Vintage Prada
SHOES : Miu Miu
BRACELETS : Kayture for DIIO Senses / Juicy Couture
CLUTCH : Backstage

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