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Hello 2013!

BYE BYE 2012 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR As I was preparing this article I got so overwhelmed and had to stop a couple of times, all these pictures remind me so many incredible memories and experiences that I lived and shared with you this year : the feeling is quite amazing actually. And gosh, how many things happend! It’s quite crazy now that I see all these images. So many decisions taken, so many new projects et new people met, new places visited. I guess we kind of spent our life at the airport and train station which is an awesome thing, means that we are moving and moving you with us through the pages of this little blog. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we did so far. If I had to talk about my favourites experiences of the year 2012, it would be quite hard to name only a few… I would say all of them actually. But of course some of the were more intense and surprising, others were more adventurous and some were just… Big fails. Because it happens too isn’t it? I mean we make mistakes, learn from them and that’s how we move forward. So there were good things, less good things, but all together it seems like quite a good year with a lot of lessons learned. 

Of course the biggest step was to finish my highschool and beging working on the blog proffessionally, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I consider this decision and all the guts it took me and my family to let me do so… Luckily it really seemed to be a great choice since James and I travelled this year to so many countries, twice to New York, Paris and Berlin, 3 times to Milan, to Mexico, to Dubai, to Lisbon, to Münich, not to mention that we explored almost all of Switzerland. Fashion week was a hell of an amazing experience, quite overwhelming actually, quite stressfull too, but so exciting. It’s amazing to see all the great things we did with amazing brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Hugo Boss, Guess, Hermès and so on… But one the most awesome thing came by the end of the year, which was this famous video shot for Louis Vuitton. That project definitely took my breath away. And…. Some really cool things happened more locally in switzerland : I released my new bag, the Fab. by Kayture bag, and a bracelet with the brand DIIO Senses, got chosen among the 12 swiss personalities of the year by the Illustré and presented many charity galas such as the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony action against breast cancer and the ”Action Innocence” fund raiser fighting against violence on the internet. Still, and I am not saying this to sound corny or anything, but really, having your support and reading your comments everyday is really what pushes me forward. It’s kind of my redbull, when I see your sweet messages all James and I want to do is give out more and share with you some awesome projects and breathtaking pictures. Just because having a little escape for 10 minutes each morning isn’t much but seems quite magical…So…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wish you all a lot of love and joy on this new adventure!

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