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Arrival in paris

Pictures by James Vyn

CHIC & SLEEKSo we finally arrived yesterday in Paris for the last couple of days of fashion week, I am so glad to be back even though let’s admit that we didn’t really had time to miss the city as we were there a couple of days ago for the YSL project. However, I am always happy like a monkey each time we’re back. There’s just something about it’s charm and atmosphere, there’s just really something about it…

On our arrival I quickly changed for this minimalistic look, I was totally into wearring some casual jeans which reaaally doesn’t happened that often. I even surprised myself with this choice but I was so so glad of the result. This is anyway the most casual look I took with me for the events and shows we’ll attend, can’t wait to show you all the crazy stuff coming up in the following days! We had the great pleasure to visit in the end of the afternoon the HQ of Shourouk, a brand I am completely obsessed with, it was so inspiring to meet the lovely and so talented designer. You guys must check out the brand, it’s the must!

COAT : Zara
PANTS : H&M (ripped them myself like a badass)
BAG : Louis Vuitton
SUNNIES : Roberto Cavalli
SHIRT : Yes or No
RINGS : Backstage
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