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Louis vuitton on the champs elysees

Pictures by James Vyn

WHILE IN PARISDo you guys remember when James and I were in Paris for another fun adventure with Louis Vuitton? Indeed during this trip we got to learn the story of the brand a little bit better as we had the opportunity to enjoy a visit of the Vuitton family house in Asnière as well as the ”Cabinet D’écriture”. It’s always been important for me to get to know the brands we are working with, understand their spirit and ethics as these amazing labels have usually such incredible story and heritage. This time we took part in a private visit (early morning before all the clients started to do their shopping) of their big flagship store located on the Champs Elysées. 

An interesting fact about this store is that it was initially a tourism office build in a very special art deco style. Louis Vuitton opened his boutique here for it’s great location and of course the bond with the travel was set right away from the beginning. During the war, the boutique was however closed and moved to a private luxury residence. However, with the arrival of Marc Jacobs in the LV house and the revolution of Louis Vuitton who started producing not only leather goods but also clothing and shoes, the brand decided to go back to the roots and re-opened their boutique on the Champs Elysées. Enjoy!

SHIRT : Ralph Lauren
PANTS : Zara
BAG : Hugo Boss
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
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