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Pictures by James Chardon

PERFECT SUMMER PUMPSOkay so yesterday James and I almost threw our computer by the window (okay not litterally, but I seriously considered doing it…for a second). As we were planning to post a brand new video that we worked on for days and days, not only on the concept but on the whole creation, the filming and the editing. We started to upload it on Youtube and as always, the upload bugged and we had to start over a zillion of times and wait each time 5 hours between another try failed. The result is that yesterday, we didn’t have a post and I hate these kind of situations. But hey, we’re still working on to see what went wrong and hopefully the video will be ready for tomorrow with a nice surprise!

Now this article is not really about the video but about my perfect summer look and the clothes that I’d honestly wear everyday if I could. Okay so it wasn’t that hot the last couple of days, so wearring jeans was just a pure delight. I mean, when I remember that I once said that I wasn’t a jeans kinda person, it makes think “crazy how styles and choices can change” right? I remember I hated avocado as a kid, now I love it! Anyway, a loose shirt and jeans are my perfect combination. So if I can add to it a perfect pair of bright summer shoes (especially if they have a super high platform) like in this case, of course I say yes! These ones are from a brand I’ve already talked to you about called Randa, awesome label from Japan. I love their pieces because they look so fun but are also extremely comfy, which is kind of becoming more and more rare. Enjoy!


JEANS : Citizens of Humanity
SHOES : Randa
BAG : Tory Burch
JACKET : Minusey
SHIRT : Zara
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