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Plaid on + q&a with kristina, send us your questions!

Pictures by James Chardon

 WHILE IN INTERLAKEN WITH LA PRAIRIEHey people, it’s been a little while right? Hope you missed me (hehe), or at least missed my poetic writing because I’m back with lots of pictures and subjects I wanted to discuss with you! First of all let me start by saying that both James and I have spent the best last few days ever, taking some time for ourselves after the fashion month and above all having some time in our home country Switzerland. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huuge lover for travelling and so gratefull to be able to live exciting new adventures across the world, but home is home. That’s where the family and friends are (but also the best chocolate on earth, which is also a highly important factor, without that I am sure that I wouldn’t really care you know… chocolate is chocolate). We had the chance to leave for Interlaken with La Prairie, to experience a luxurious swiss adventure. La Prairie, is one of the leading, most exciting, luxury skin care brands currently out on the market, I am really proud as it is was born in Montreux, one of my favourite places on earth where James has his family house and where I spent so much time. In Interlaken we got to discover their new 2014 breakthrough product, which you’ll hear really soon about, and attended their international Gala at the Viktoria Jungfrau hotel, a magical experience. Since I’ve never been in Internlaken, James and I took a little stroll to discover and enjoy some lovely swiss landscape. I decided to wear my new Chanel-love-of-my-life-bag which made me sooo so happy throughout the whole day (gaah, why oh why am I such a material girl…me love dem’ bags!!) and matched it with this cozy plaid coat that I am completely in love with for this season. 

It was nice to enjoy at a 100% this whole experience and allowing myself to skip a couple of days of blogging! Makes me miss it even more and get back with tons of ideas. Also, I am currently working on a brand new personal project which may be very surprising but I am very excited to tell you more about as it has absolutely nothing to do with Kayture but is a passion of mine I always had. Make sure to stay updated as I’ll reveal more and more in the following weeks. I always take so much time to read all your great comments guys and there are a couple of things I wanted to talk about as I like to be as opened about these kind of subjects as possible! First of all, Kayture is my baby, it’s my work and it has become totally part of my life. What I put up here, is so precious to me and so important. James and I challenge ourselves to produce the best content possible from the pictures to the projects to inspire you folks, bring some sparkles and colours on your computer screen, take you on a journey, an experience, or just give you some trend ideas for the season! Being able to collaborate with brands is a huuge blessing that came with the evolution of Kayture and being able to work with some of my favourite labels is probably the most enriching thing ever. But, collaborating doesn’t mean loosing integrity and authenticity. Here on Kayture, I make sure that each project, each partnership sticks to my vision of fashion, of style of beauty and I will never accept a project with a great pay check if I don’t like the product nor the brand. We are more than picky and proud to be as we want to bring the best. I know that media, and people in general have been speculating a lot about bloggers being corrupted and so a lot of you guys see sponsored content everywhere. When we are working on a project, we clearly state so, and are suuper happy to share it with you! We do earn our living out of Kayture, which we are so incredibly gratefull for, but it took us a lot of time until we were able to do so and only through projects we loved, and are ready to work day and night for. To punctuate this subjet and if you guys have other things you might want to talk about I thought about this : 

We are planning to do a cool little Q&A so feel free to send me in your questions, on any subject of course, and I will pick some of them and answer in a special post! You can either leave a comment under this post, or on twitter/instagram with hashtag #askkristina!! Can’t wait to see what you got there :)

COAT : Zara
DRESS: Nations
WATCH : Michael Kors
RING : Vita Fede / Rita & Zia
SHOES : Balenciaga 
BAG : Chanel
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