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Kristina bazan for chopard

Pictures by James Chardon

 HAPPY SPORT LOOK I Since december 2012 (no exageration!) James and I have have been trying to keep our mouth shut regarding this super exciting project with Chopard. Their amazing team reached out to us a while ago to invite us on an extremely promising, yet top secret project. James and I got the chance to direct a whole shooting in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Happy Sport watch, I got to model for this fabulous styling project and therefore be the face of this new project. Turns out, as I am also celebrating my 20th birhtday this year it was kind of the perfect occasion!

The whole concept was about creating 4 different looks, for each season in order to give you guys some ideas on how to wear the iconic Happy Sport watch in any occasion of you life as it is a highly versatile model, which can be worn during they day as much as for a party or event. Throughout this year, you’ll be able to discover the new looks on Chopard’s social media, website as well as of course here on with some exciting exclusive pictures. Again, I am so honoured and happy to be a part of this beautiful project. It has been so enriching and interesting to work with Chopard and discover the brand better. I am completely seduced by their feminin, glamourous yet timeless spirit. Not to mention that it is a swiss based brand, so I can’t be more proud. Can’t wait to share all the adventure with you!

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