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Say ”si”

Pictures by James Chardon

THE POWER TO LIVE, DREAM, LOVEToday, I am more than excited to introduce you guys to a brand new project that James and I have been working on with the lovely Armani team. We are celebrating the release of the new Giorgio Armani fragrance, « Sì », whose goal is to celebrate every single woman, no matter the country, the language, the colour, or the age. Armani wanted to create a daytime scent that would make every woman feel happy, strong, glamorous and feminine. A very subtle and elegant fragrance, « Sì » can be worn by day or by night. 

You may have seen on my Instagram account the two videos I created to celebrate the release of this brand’s exciting new fragrance. The one where I decided to say « Sì » to dreams and invited you all to share you own inner passion and ambition using the hashtag #Saysì (check out their website for more info by clicking here), then a second one all about saying yes to yourself. Loving yourself, embracing your talents and flaws, feeling confident and powerfull. We all know that confidence is the true meaning of beauty, my question is what makes you feel beautiful? Hopefully this amazing new scent will make you feel even more gorgeous, and will help you rock the world, as we all need a little push from time to time :) 

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