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From a to zanita

Pictures by Zanita Morgan

MEMORY LANESo because we are leaving to Milan tomorrow for fashion week (and because it’s 3am and I just finished packing while I have to leave home in 3 hours……) I didn’t have the energy to edit a brand new article from New York but remembered that I still haven’t showed you guys these amazing pictures shot by my friend Zanita while we were in Vancouver with Secret Location. Yes, I was saving them up for a great occasion like this one (one where I litterally have to put scotch on my eye lids to avoid falling asleep as a matter of fact). Zanita always manages to capture the best out of the people she photographs and it’s so interesting for me to shoot with somebody else from time to time just to see the difference in the photography’s vibe.

I must say that it is veeery rare that I wear mini skirts (okay I used to wear a lot of them a couple of years ago until I realised that it definitely wasn’t my thing) and this leads me to talk about a very important subject for all of us girls (and boys!!!) : proportions! Because yes, life would be sooo much easier if ”I had Gisele’s legs” and ”Doutzen’s strong arms”. I do love my legs, they allow me to walk, dance, explore, travel! (wear heels muahaha) but it’s soo easy to feel uncomfortable sometimes when surrounded by the fashion crowd and attending shows with models skinny as thin air (I personally find it quite beautiful). No matter if you have curves, no curves, it’s important to dress keeping in mind your proportions and wear things that flatter your silhouette. So I personally prefer skirts that are a little longer, some awesome trousers, leggings or something like that as I proudly enherited my family’s voluptuous thighs and put an accent on my upper body. But that’s really the whole point : learning to know yourself and accepting who you are : making improvements day by day but still focus on your beautiful qualities! But if you really want to wear that mini skirt, go for it! I tried to find a combo that works, with some nice heels a leather jacket, some delicate jewerly : and there you go! 

P.SAs you guys are reading this article, we are probably on our way to Milan for fashion week! I am super happy to be back in Italy (goosh I really need to improve my italian…) and honestly MFW is my favourite one. Stay updated for news on Instagram @kristina_bazan or @jameschardon

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