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Chanel chain boots in ny

Pictures by James Chardon

EDGY WITH A TWISTOkay guys, *vrrrrm*vrrrrm*vrrrm* : flashback. Back to New York! Not physically but mentally obviously as I still have many outfits to show you from our fashion week adventure in the big apple. Gosh… this month flew out so quickly that I didn’t even have the time to show you all the awesome pictures James and I shot! I still have looks from NY, Milan and Paris to post so I guess that this week will be dedicated to this season’s incredible fashion week, our experiences and of course : the clothing (yay, clap clap!). While we were in the US I got the chance to use a couple of Chanel’s new edgy pieces from the collection which is currently in stores for our shootings and I can’t even relate how excited I was to style and shoot these booties which are for me like the ultimate fashion statement of the season : going super edgy yet really chic at the same time. Chanel always manage to pull it off. How do they even do it? One of them (I bet on the ”Karl”) must have been like ”okay, we’re going to take the grungiest, ugliest boot ever and make it super elegant,chic and trendy. Oh and add the Chanel logo to it and jackpot”. It totally. Worked. 

So. Let me start by saying how HARD it was to get in them (not that my ankles or fat or anything…at least I hope they’re not… wait a minute are they!?)(loosing ankle weight mode on) and that both James and I (no kidding) had to put our hands on it. So picture this : James and I hands on the boots, trying to figure out a certain logic with those crazy chains with me sitting in the most akward position ever trying to look all classy (still wearing Chanel, gotta honour the brand). Our biggest mistake was to take the chains off thinking that it was the right method while you just had to untighten them and keep this very loose and cool structure… I tried to make them cross like x x x. I was sooo wrong.  In the end we lost 10 minutes of a precious FW schedule figuring out the mystery of the booties, got smarter too in a way because now we know, so in the end since we had to rush to a meeting, I didn’t have the time to pull of a timeless, mega stylish and elaborated outfit but played the layed back card with a gray shirt and black pencil skirt, which sounded pretty good to me! Wish you all folks a lovely weekend :) K.

TOP : Minusey
SKIRT : Nation
BOOTS : Chanel
BAG : Hermès
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