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Tartan in milan

Pictures by James Chardon

THE GOLDEN HOURAs you guys know, I never hesitate to wear several times a key piece, especially if I really like it (sometimes it even gets to a point where I wear it literally all the time… like aaall the time. So much that I even may annoy you desperately and you might thing it’s the only thing I have in my closet right now). So I am obsessed with my Balenciaga booties and I honestly make a little effort to bring in some diversity in my content and not wear them all the time, then there’s my new Chanel bag which of course I also want to wear daily (come on, it was a dream to get. now I almost sleep with it and nurse it like it was a 2 year old child) (not to mention that it matches anything I wear… I mean anything…) and finally this absolutely gorgeous Zara tartan coat which I am madly in love with and want to wear all the time. Problem is, it’s not as warm as I wish it was. In fact it’s quite light and not totally appropriate for the really cold days. But when we were in Milan a couple of days ago, it was the perfect occasion to pull it off. So I went with my favourite essentials of the moment except that I wore these really nice Mango Oxfords that felt really comfy for a day out. I am usually not the one wearing flats like you know, but when I do I like them to be special, a little bit edgier than what I usually wear. These ones from Mango are such an amazing key piece that adds something very cool and interesting to any outfit, it’s not too punk-ish but yet full of personality and perfect for casual looks. I think it’s so important for anybody to find it’s seasonal key pieces, it makes dressing up so much easier. But in general, in your wardrobe it’s great to have some go to items that you can simply throw on if you have no clue what to wear (it’s always like that, a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear… story of my life… can anybody relate or am I alone in my craziness?). So take some time to figure out what you really enjoy this winter season and invest in a nice warm coat that you can throw on over any look. I would personally suggest to find some boots that you absolutely love as they are the final touch to any look.

On a more personal note, let’s have a little hair talk. Hair is important too right? I’ve recently decided that I am going to grow my fringe. Yup, I am getting a little tired of it. Actually I am quite annoyed to see my world cut in half, not to mention all the bottles of hair spray I used to make it hold in place (as soon as a tiny bit of air blows, it gets all crazy and not really photogenic for our shootings if you know what I mean…). Also it became quite tiring to style, a little complicated too. So I know that it’s going to be a tremendous amount of time until it fully grows out but meanwhile I am sure I’ll explore the possibilities of a longer fringe, like putting it on the side or in two halfs. And when it does grow out completely I might consider getting some fake clip bangs, I’ve heard that they are amazing and look super realistic. Since I enjoy this hair style so much that might be the perfect option! So before any of you decided to cut a fringe, think about trying the fake extension first. That might avoid you making a mistake or realizing that you just don’t like hair sitting on your forehead the whole day like that. Have you guys ever tried the fake bangs? I you’re growing it out like I do, get creative and play with interesting hair styles in order to hide it if the lenght isn’t appropriate to do anything really pretty. Lately I’ve been into chignons, I find it so perfect for winter time. Last but not least (before I forget huhu, I can talk hair stuff for hours…) I wanted to announce to you guys that James and I will be flying to Russia (we’re back in Moscow!) with Louis Vuitton this wednesday for a brand new project. We can’t be more excited to be back in the city, it’s going to be such a fabulous new adventure. I bet the weather is incredibly cold there right now though so I have to seriously think about the type of clothing and specifically outerwear I am going to take with me (actually the sweater I am wearing in these images is one of the warmest things ever, love it so much!). But make sure to stay updated!

COAT : Zara
BAG : Chanel
SHOES : Mango
LEGGINGS : Windsor Store
WATCH : Michael Kors

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