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With dolce gabbana in milan

Pictures by James Chardon

THE ONEGood morning everybody! It’s monday and it feels like it’s suuuuper early right now. Okay, I have to say, since I came back from India, I feel greatly jet lagged and can’t seem to get back on track with a normal sleep rythm. There is always something very strange happening when I travel to Asia… It just feels so hard to adapt in terms of time zone and the night hours, even more than when I leave for US. So basically right now I can only go to sleep at 3am and wake up generally at 1pm… And actually, this week-end I even went to the extreme and woke up at 3pm on saturday. That wasn’t very reasonable I must say. I kind of felt like I giant jet lagged patatoe. Especially since now that it’s winter time, it’s already dark in the early afternoon. So it’s like going to bed at night and waking up…well at night as well. With the day almost over. So this morning, I decided to shake myself a little and break that nasty dirty old little jet lag vicious circle by waking up at 7pm. And I totally feel like a zombie while writing this post so please excuse if my writing skills are not at their best. I am going to get at least two cups of coffee after that. You know what kept me awake all these nights? Well first of all I spent a lot of time, writing and drawing (yup have been working on some prett-ay exciting projects that you’ll find revealed next year!) but also I just discovered this amazing new show produced by Demi Moore which is called ”Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet” and I literally am addicted. Most of the episodes are on Youtube and you hear the interviewer, Amanda, talk with all these incredible women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda, Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, Donna Karan, Ivanka Trump, Crystal Renn, Diane Von Furstenberg, in such an inspiring and intimate way. They discuss so many things, basically the universal language of women. Motherhood, body image, politics, career, relationships… Everything. There were so many great advice that I just kept my notebook close to me and wrote most of the things I heard. Quotes that made me see things from a different perspective or opened my eyes on certain aspects. It’s like she gets all these amazing personalities to reveal and share with all woman around this world their struggles, their goals, their message and advice in such a special way. I felt like listening to a mother, to a best friend, to a colleague and learning so much. I suggest you all to watch it and hope you will love it as much as I did. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Another thing I’ve been doing this week-end is baking lots of delicious Christmas goodies with a friend of mine. So basically sunday was all about cookies and a giant gingerbread house. Turns out, baking a gingerbread house is definitely not as easy as it seems to…! But if you guys want to see the result make sure to check out my Instagram profile (@kristina_bazan). Now, I am really excited to share with you guys today the images from our adventure with Dolce Gabbana in Milan as we were invited by P&G prestige to attend the launch of their new commercial featuring Scarlett Johansson and Matthew Mcconaughey for their fragrance the One. It was so fabulous to be back in Italy outside fashion week season. We had the chance to stay at an absolutely gorgeous and very Dolce hotel in Milan called the Westin Palace (their hotel rooms look like Ladurée boxes, I am not kidding) where these images were made. So our day started with a little beauty session at La Rinascente where I got a new make-up look perfect for Christmas ready with some of Dolce & Gabbana’s latest beauty products then followed by that we drove to their showroom in the heart of Milan to pick out an outfit for the event. I went for this absolutely gorgeous red lace dress that I am head over heels for… This colour. These crystals. Everything about it just seems so perfect. I also loved trying a new make-up look for this experience, something darker, a nice burgundy lip and of course some glowy skin. A perfect look for Christmas celebrations!

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