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The colors of mumbai

Pictures by James Chardon

AN ADVENTURE IN INDIAIf somebody would have told me one day that Kayture would bring me to one of the most fascinating and colourfull countries on earth, I would probably have never believed this person. Afterall, Paris, London and New York are quite common fashion destinations. They are for sure absolutely ah-may-zing places, but I mean when you think designers, runways and top labels you instatly think of these big shiny metropoles and we often neglect the importance of coutries like India while they have such a powerfull imagery and fashion scene as well with their own traditions, inspirations, creations and talents. Not to mention that a lot of contemporary designers from Europe and the US take inspirations from Bollywood culture as well as their traditional decorative arts. Being able to finally visit the country was such a huge chance and I can’t even describe how genuinly excited James and I were to hop on this new adventure thanks to Love Gold, especially since he has some Indian roots in his family (during world war a part of his family used to live there where they build up a family, turns out James has several siblings from India!). The reason of our venue was primary the amfAR Gala hosted by Sharon Stone that I talked to you guys about yesterday, luckily we also had the time to visit the city with the Love Gold team as we were exploring various talented local jewerly designers and seeking for special high carat gold jewerly. I wasn’t really sure how to dress up while heading in town, afterall I didn’t want to play it all dolled up (as a big high heel person, I must say that I was temped for a while to wear some open toe heels… luckily I didn’t… ballerinas saved my feet on this hot and humid day!)  but I still wanted to look cute and especially play with bold colours. I found this gorgeous olive dress at & Other Stories and thought it was THE perfect pick as it’s material is super light and the colour perfect with the ambiance of the city.

I got the chance to discover many incredible designers and definitely noticed that a lot of pieces were initial inspirations for current fashion jewerly trends.It was kind of stunning to see all these bold statement pieces made of real high carat gold and the incredible craftmanship put into effort to produce these kind of exclusive pieces. The first shop we visited was called Amrapali, which is as you may know, one of India’s finest and «best» jewerly labels with international celebrities wearing quite often their gorgeous pieces. After visiting the shop, James and I really wanted to discover a local market and buy some souvenirs for our families (I was dreaming to buy some typical indian spices but it turns out that we couldn’t really find the right place to get some). The ambiance in the streets was so lively, so colourfull and so… crowded!! I have to say, as a little swiss lady coming through I was walking in the streets of Mumbai with my eyes (and probably mouth too) wide open looking at everything like I was rediscovering the world once again with new eyes. Even though poverty and luxury were completely mixed up in this vivid bowl of culture, I must say that there was something quite magical and extraordinary floating in the air… And I can’t even descrive the kindness of the people… But of course, I will talk to you more about it all in tomorrow’s post. I am so excited to share with you today the first part of our Mumbai travel diary and can’t wait to know which golden jewerly pieces you liked the most!

DRESS : & Other Stories
SHOES : Even & Odd
NECKLACE : Cornwall Street
BAG : Tory Burch
JEWERLY : Amrapali

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