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Amfar gala with lovegold in mumbai!

Pictures by James Chardon

A MAGICAL NIGHT Well hello loves! As I am writing this, it is 3am in Mumbai and 11pm in Switzerland. Which makes it pretty much a big time difference and I must admit that I am not sure on which time zone I am currently functioning… Yes, that makes a quite big mess in my head but you know what? I am feel so incredibly good!!! And above all so gratefull to be able to share with you all a new adventure that both James and I had to live in Mumbai, India with the Love Gold team at the amfAR Gala (make sure to check out their amazing concept here), raising money through donations and auctions for the AIDS researches. I teased you regarding this trip on my social media networks as it was a huge surprise, especially since we’ve never been in India and were so excited to hop on this new trip. As you may know, the amafAR initivative has been founded by Elizabeth Taylor as well as Mathilde Krim and Michael Gottlieb. Thanks to their hard work and continuous battles, they managed to gather donations and people who  improved drastically researches for HIV. Yet there is still so much to do with this issue. People are struggling with the disease all over the over, millions and millions of people being affected worldwide. Since the unfortunate death of Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone took the lead as a Global Fundraising Chairman in the organization and hosted the auctions during the gala. It was such an honour to talk with her if even for a couple of minutes. She is truly a legend and such a charismatic woman on her own, being so inpirational and having this incredible, strong energy about her. A very striking character that definitely chatches the attention of everybody in the room.

Among the guests, was also Hilary Swank who did one of the first speeches. Again, it was so fantastic to see her sitting right next to our table (I couldn’t stop thinking about her amazing play in Million Dollar Baby, one of my favourite movies). And also we had the chance to enjoy a cool performance but the delirious Ke$ha who performed some of her hit songs during the after-party. James and I were thrilled to be able to bring our support to such an important cause and of course be there to understand amfAR’s goal and battle. We had the huge chance to attend the event with the event’s official sponsor : Love Gold! Thanks to their lovely team I got to wear some gorgeous gold jewerly from an indian designer, the brand is called Azva Seven Vows and honestly I was simply mesmerized by it’s beauty. I felt like a super duper uper lucky girl to have this piece of art around the neck for the night as well as the beautiful bracelet that matched. I hope you guys will enjoy these images that we’ve done at the event. We can’t wait to share with you all the images of our journey in Mumbai as we’ve visited during the day so many amazing places and done great pictures! Stay updated fols :)

DRESS : Virgos Lounge
SHOES : Navyboot
NECKLACE : Azva Jewels 
BRACELET : Azva Jewels

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