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Kristina bazan for louis vuitton

Pictures by James Chardon

THE HIGH JEWERLY COLLECTIONRemember when I told you guys a couple of months back ago how I sometimes get goosebumps when I am a little too excited to share something with you? I do get extremely excited when I love the project, the pictures, the story behind it or even simply the styling. I am just that crazy little clam jumping around as soon as I see a good shoe or bag somewhere, the inspiration comes right away and I feel it when a project is going to be a success (maybe I have an extra sense of something…hmmm). In all honesty, in this case it’s all of that mixed up and I couldn’t wait to finally reveal to you guys a brand new gorgeous and such iconic project we’ve shot in Paris during fashion week with the Louis Vuitton team! We had the huge chance to work at the one and only mesmerizing hotel Fouquet’s Barrière which became for us our home away from home while in Paris where we feel like taken care of and secure. A tremendous thanks to them for their support on this project, I still remember the gorgeous view from this balcony! Now a lot of you guys have been asking me loads of questions about our trip to Russia as I annouced our departure to Moscow on wednesday last week. Louis Vuitton indeed organized a big exhibition in a gorgeous, giant LV trunk on the red square right in front of the Gum departement store. All benefits from the exhibition were going to Natalia Vodianova’s non profit “Naked Heart” foundation which provides secure environments for children in which to play. They build play facilities in places where there is no-one else to do so and count today more than 100 play parks and playgrounds in 73 Russian towns. Unfortunately, in order to avoid a delicate situation and hurting some people’s values, Louis Vuitton decided to take down the trunk from the red square and hold the exhibition in another luxurious venue in the future. Our suitcases were packed and ready to go when we learned the news and finally our trip to Russia was cancelled. It’s so unfortunate as I was deeply excited to be back and closer to my roots (I lived in Minsk, Belarus several years) but I am sure we are going to be back soon anyway! We completely understand and value Louis Vuitton’s decision and are sure they’re going to have an even more amazing venue next time. I know we have a lot of really amazing readers back there so I can’t wait to see them again and get some russian goodies back home!!

Luckily, even though the Moscow project with got cancelled, we still have this absolutely incredible shooting project to share with you loves! After months!!! So basically as you know, as swiss folks we’re extremely passionate about high jewerly, having visited some mesmerizing manufactures and discovered the craft of fine jewerly making. I couldn’t but notice the gorgeous pieces that Louis Vuitton have in their line. Not only is their fashion and accessories so incrediblem, but so is their jewerly line stunning. Their finer, high line is absolutely exquisite and so luxurious yet completely emblematic of the house’s heritage and imagery. The whole concept around this collaboration was to create an ambiance inspired by the latest runway collection created by Marc Jacobs (oh yes, loving the “nuisette”!!) meaning something darker, deeper, all that evolving around a story with the delicate high jewerly pieces. This shoot is all about something sensual, iconic, mysterious, more dramatic and definitely darker than what we usually see on Kayture or in Louis Vuitton shops. It’s a story. And it’s your goal to figure it out… So be creative! Throughout the years, we’ve established such an amazing relationship with the Louis Vuitton house, we love their craftmanship, ethics, how innovative and such big perfectionist they are. It’s always such a blessing and honour to work with them while making a fusion of our ideas with theirs to make the best inspirational editorial content possible. This is only the first set of a longer journey. I hope you will enjoy this moment of discovery x

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