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Vamp beauty look

Pictures by James Chardon

HOLIDAY SEASON STEP BY STEP MAKE-UP LOOKHey Kayturettes! Hope you enjoyed a fabulous week-end with lots of fun, love and laugh. Between us, I stayed home in my cozy pyjamas by the fireplace writing something very special (you might have a little hint if you check my Instagram, a big project is planned for next year and I am spending my days and nights working on it). So yes I managed to stay cozy, comfy yet bundled up and all snuggly under my blanket while being totally productive. That’s like super duper high level of multi-tasking. At an enjoyable lever of course. And so I was thinking about this holiday season and got so excited with all the upcoming winter celebrations. You know the only thing that truly allows me to cope with this weather is Christmas. I mean, I usually hate the cold but the magic of Christmas makes everything brighter, doens’t it? And so I end up LOVING winter! I re-organize my beanie drawer, try at least 10 different tea sorts every day, take super loooong hot showers in the morning (with a cinnamon scented shower gel… just to bring some of dat’ part-ay in my bathroom too) and of course burn zillions of candles… Maybe a little too many, my place is like a sauna with all kind of fragrances floating in the air. And I won’t open a window no no no. You gotta let it soak in in every piece of furniture to get some of that Christmas vibe too. Maybe I’m just a little crazy. But I swear, if I had some more time to kill, I’d watch only Christmas movies from now on and until December 31st. So I thought, what best for this week’s articles on Kayture than to talk a little about winter beauty and the perfect holiday season beauty look? We don’t want anything too tacky and add some green and red glitter over that eye shadow to look like Santa’s elf. We are looking for something a little more sophisticated now don’t we? We SURE DO!

The vamp look has always been one of my favourite ones. It is quite dark and heavy yes I must admit, the ones loving the natural look, well I might say it’s not really for you, but those of you who just love to have a little fun with make-up and make yourself look all obscure, femme fatale and sexy then well you got the tutorial to achieve this beauty look right bellow! I personally love it because, naturally I have a very delicate, baby girl kind of face. From time to time it’s very nice to go for something a little stronger. This make-up is all about accentuating all your features so we’re going to darken the eye brows, make the eyes bigger and darker too, play with contouring to create this perfect cheeck bone effect and of course finish it of with the burgundy lipstick, I wore this look several times during fashion weeks, events, parties and so on. I think it looks absolutely amazing with any kind of dress as it definitely adds something super edgy and dramatic yet stays perfectly chic and iconic. Now if you’re going out for a long night make sure to grab with you your favourite concealer (once I was totally in a rush running for a meeting and quickly stopped by a drugstore to grab one of those Maybeline’s concealers and I fell in love with it, it’s soo good!) as well as the iconic lipstick (I used M.A.C’s Diva to create this colour, it’s the best burgundy shade ever!! So deep and amazing, totally suggest it) to make some little touch up throughout the night. One of my favourite steps of this tutorial must be the highlighting. You don’t want to look dull or gothic, or like an actual vampire. You still want to look fresh and juicy. So make sure to pick a nice bronzer/blush and highlight everything up so you still have that glamourous glow to go with you the whole night (I used a highlighter from M.A.C as well). Now let’s start with the step by step!

I like to start by drawing my brows to have a better look of what my make-up is going to be like. My favourite brow pencils are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Here I used one of their pencils in Taupe and a pencil highlighter to enhance the brow line.
Hide your little imprefections with you favourite concealer. I just love Maybeline’s one! It has a great coverage and stays on perfectly.
Depending on how you like to contour your face, arm yourself with your favourite bronzer and a contouring brush to slightly draw a delicate line underneath your cheeckbone to your mouth, creating a little crease. It will make your look deeper and more subtle. Totally vamp like. I like to use a bronzer by Guerlain, they do some of my favourite beauty products ever.
I used Dolce Gabbana’s blush in Nude to add some healthy cheeck colour. You don’t want to look to pale with those dark lips, heavy brows and contouring. Add a little fresh touch.
And finally top it off with some highlighter on the top of the cheeck bones, on the tip of the nose, a little bit on the forehead and I like to add a tiny bit on the cupid’s bow. My favourite highlighter is from M.A.C in the shade Lighscapade
There we go! The face make-up is ready. I skipped the foundation part because I currently simply use a BB cream from Guerlain and no foundation, yet I like to use concealer for all the little flaws. If you feel like you need more coverage start with the foundation before doing your brows and I would definitely not suggest you to use a powder foundation for this look as it will not give you the glow we’re looking for.
Here we go with the eye make-up! We won’t talk about that one for hours as it’s my usual eye make-up, check out this article to find out which products I use for the eye shadow and this one for the eye liner technique! This time I used Tom Ford’s eye shadow palette in Golden Mink and a YSL shocking eye liner (my favourite one!)
Last touch for the eyes : the mascara! I have been using Dolce Gabbana’s one lately and have been absolutely loving it.
Before applying the deep burgundy lipstick I like to set a sheer shiny red base as M.A.C’s Diva is very matt and has a lot of pigments which tend to dry out my lips a little. Applying this base definitely help me to achieve the perfect lip. Here I used Tom Ford’s colour shine lipstick in Willful.
And finally, the last touch : the perfect burgundy lipstick by M.A.C!!

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