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A golden summer tale

There is something very special about LA… I don’t really know how to describe it properly but all I can say for now is that I’ve rarely been that happy, motivated, excited and just simply not negatively pressured for a very long time. I am in general, a genuinely happy person. I always try to see the positive side of things. But to be totally honest, I’ve just rediscovered a whole new level of happiness (if that even makes sense), one where you are grateful for each and everything you have in your life and yet still let your dreams go as high as possible thanks to the driving energy and passion this city has in it’s air.

You guys might all know that we came to Los Angeles initially as Piaget’s special guests in order to attend the Spirit Awards! Well it turns out we decided to extend our stay of two extra weeks in order to hop on some meetings and move on with our decision : move to the USA in order to pursue the music career and develop Kayture on a whole different level. So far, our daily schedule has been packed but I haven’t felt stressed or tired a single time. I am so excited for this new step in our life and can’t be more than happy to se how things are moving and the direction everything is taking.

We are flying back to Switzerland for a couple of days this Thursday as we have some business to finish in Europe, some meetings to make and of course we also have a couple of very exciting trips coming up which I can’t wait to tell you more about. But one thing is for sure : we’ve been spoiled like little piglets during this stay and working with Piaget was a real dream, we already miss their team so much…!!!

It was such an honor to be able to shoot and discover more closely their high jewelry pieces, which are real treasures of craftsmanship. The fact that the brand has it’s roots in Switzerland makes me so proud to be from a country with such deep quality values. Being able to represent and re-create the essence of the brand through our camera lens in Los Angeles was simply a blast. I hope you’ll enjoy these images we shot in Santa Monica with the Rose and Possession collection from Piaget and what I especially love about these creations in particular is how versatile they are : not only do they look gorgeous with an evening or cocktail dress, I feel like they are also perfect pieces for the day, especially the rings which look so fresh and elegant.


SUIT : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

SHOES : Valentino

JEWELRY : Piaget Rose / Possession 

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