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Boyfriend denim shorts

I can’t be more glad to hear that you folks have enjoyed yesterday’s shopping list. I always love taking the time to read each of your comments meticulously, your feedback means so much and really pushes us to go forward and to improve every day.

I didn’t really know at first how you would react with this new concept, but I’ve been sensing such a big demand from you guys of links and references of website where to buy the coolest latest trends that I felt like it would be just so organic to start this new category. So I am super glad that you liked it, I hope you enjoyed your little shopping session!!! These items are just little ideas of some of my current cravings but then the fun is to discover the wide range of products the online retailer have to offer as well!

Now James and I are in Paris at this moment, we’ve been doing so much work lately, travelling non stop and doing a tons of meeting. I am in such a busy period in my life, so busy, hectic, but yet so incredibly interesting and fulfilling. I feel so grateful and blessed to be doing what I am doing and I can’t believe I have the privilege to call it a living. I have so many goals that I want to reach with the help of my partner crime, so honestly you’ll never hear me complain about the fast pace. If I e-v-e-r say a single complain, you got the permission to slap me. No, to punch me, hard.

Being here in Paris and posting these images from Los Angeles feels so funny… I remember how I used to feel so laid back and casual while being there. Yet I needed to bring my european chic touch to a classic boyfriend denim shorts look. I feel like nothing’s better than a good structured blazer to give some elegance to any other, more casual piece you might be wearing. Wearing denim shorts is definitely not an excuse for not being chic! So pull out your heels and effortless chignons loves.



TOP : Nations (Similar Here)

BLAZER : Minusey (Similar Here)

SHOES : Michael Kors

SHORTS : H&M  (Similar Here)

BAG : Saint Laurent

BRACELETS : Piaget & Vita Fede 

RINGS : Vita Fede, Elizabeth & James

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