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Tweeds and blues

There’s nothing more chic than tweed. And there’s definitely no color fresher than a beautiful light, hypnotizing blue. Add to it a pop of bright orange tangerine color and some powder pink shades and you got a pretty dynamic cocktail. We had the chance to create these images during our stay at Four Seasons hotel in Geneva which is definitely one of my favorite hotels in the city. It’s such an emblematic place, with a beautiful view on our iconic “Jet D’Eau” which we are all so proud of (you guys must try their restaurant Izumi if you ever end up in Geneva, such a big must for Japanese food lovers!!).

During our stay I had the pleasure to style some of Louis Vuitton’s beautiful latest creations and make out of them my own personal interpretations. If you guys have read yesterday’s article, then you know already all about their women’s wear reopening and I hope you’ll have the chance to see this new mesmerizing space with your own eyes. I’m just saying, but Geneva is becoming seriously on point fashion wise!!!

They just started unveiling the first big changes but the space will transform all year long! So we definitely have so much to expect, I know already that I might need to sneak in the boutique every now and then to see what has changed (and of course to crave some of their beautiful bags… can’t resist). Make sure to stop by on your shopping spree to grasp a feeling out of it! x


Total look Louis Vuitton

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