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Light hearted

There are just some days, when it’s hard to decide between two things. Omelette or Fruits, flats or heels, coffee or tea, car or walk, stairs of elevators. But all those tiny little decisions make the day and also represent quite well our current state of the mind. So I’d say berries, mule wedges, green tea, walk and stairs without a doubt. Now what does that say about me huh? Somebody’s trying hard to keep up with the healthy L.A lifestyle (busted…).

But still, that day I couldn’t really decide between a high chignon simply twisted and bobby pinned on the go, or a messy hair flowing with the wind… There’s just something about having a clear face, no hair in the mouth while eating or flowing in the eyes while reading a book, that’s just awesome. At the same time, since I grew my hair so long, I like to feel it rest on my shoulders and hide behind the blonde waves in awkward situations.

Los Angeles impacts me in such a positive way. I feel like I am the best me I can be when I’m there. I feel so positive, full of energy and drive. Makes me want to wear pastel blue suits and pair it with matching pastel blue bags (I am crazy in love with this beautiful Alexander Wang bag from Monnier Frères. And please have mercy, don’t hate on my beloved Chloé mule wedges because I adore them. They are comfy, chic and different. Mules can be very surprising at first but wait until you try them on. The love will grow on you before you’d even have the chance to say “Birkenstock”.


ROMPER & BLAZER : Finders Keepers The Label

BAG : Alexander Wang through Monnier Frères 

SHOES : Chloé (Similar)

EARRING : Shay Accessories

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