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After spending a couple of days in Palm Springs for Coachella and in Dallas, Texas for the Reward Style conference, we are back in town, back in our soon to be home Los Angeles! It’s soooo incredibly strange and overwhelming how much this place feels like home already… In fact I remember when the plane was landing the other day, I surprised myself asking James in the most genuine way possible “are you happy to be coming back home?”.

Many people ask me, but don’t you ever get homesick travelling that much? Don’t you miss your own bed, your own closet and bathroom? Well… To be totally honest, the more I travel, the more I realize that being attached to all of these material things is pointless. And that comes from a fashion blogger!!!! I am not in a very good position to say that as I am supposedly one of the most materialistic creatures on this earth!!!! BUT, I do feel this way.

Because your real friends will stay your real friends no matter where you are, and your real passion will follow you no matter where you go, your positivity, your energy, your strength, will only grow on each adventure because you get out of your comfort zone and you face the world in some way. And to be totally honest,  travelling with James is a gift too. When we travel together, we make it home no matter where we go. When we arrived in Dallas, completely tired after a sleepless night of e-mail work (hard to do the office work when days are filled up with meetings), we passed out in a kid’s park in downtown and yup, this little spot under a tree in the shadow felt like our home for the next 4 hours.

So yes, coming back to sunny Cali did feel like home. We have our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, friends who we love, great relationships, and days fully packed with barely a minute of free time. But that’s how we love to roll!!! That day, I decided to pull out a chic look while strolling near Rodeo Drive. I’ve always been a huge lover of the Italian shoe brand Fabi as you guys may know. I’ve been wearing their beautiful designs ever since I started blogging (I’ve been a big supporter since the beginning!!!). The brand is super niche, and the quality of their products is just amazing…They always have something that I’m crushing on. I fell in love with these gorgeous black heels (aren’t they perfect?). They add the perfect contrast to a total nude outfit. x


DRESS : Mason

SHOES : Fabi

EARRING : Shay Accessories

BAG : Valentino through Monnier Frères 

LIPS : Narcotic Red by Tom Ford

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