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Coming back to Switzerland always feel like a break, a sort of pause in between the hectic pace of our lives. While travelling, it’s sometimes hard for James and I to keep up with the email income and management so having some days off in our home town is usually always dedicated to work, spending full days at the office to plan the upcoming adventures!

I really enjoy having days like these. Being able to stay in one place for a few days has become a real luxury. I do miss it sometimes (very rarely) even though I’m the biggest lover of traveling and am so grateful to have that kind of lifestyle. I’ve grown as an only child so I really appreciate quite moments by myself, just sitting by my desk at midnight, alone in my room, writing songs, drawing or just writing down ideas.

For me these moments are pure magic. Just drowning in the world of my ideas, reflecting on memories, thinking about the future, dreaming, believing… Some of my best childhood memories have been made behind that little desk. It’s where I scribbled Kayture on a piece of paper for the first time before opening my computer. To this day, everytime I come home after a journey, a save at least one day or two to enjoy a moment of solitude.

A lot of us are afraid to be alone, we get bored. I find such beauty in being lonely sometimes. That’s the time I get the best ideas and feel the most inspired. Getting lost in a bubble is the best way to develop your craft and figure out what you really love doing.

I’ve come to understand this because of our busy rhythm, my little alone moments were made more rare. And therefore I appreciate them even more now, because they are so special to me. I choose to make the time for them. Writing down some thoughts, breathing quietly by myself in the comfort of my room frees my mind from everything. It’s such a wonderful introspection process.

Sometimes, I’ll go out and just spend the day in Geneva by myself. Walking around, getting a coffee, sitting down with a book and enjoying a peaceful moment. It just feels so good. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, an outgoing introvert some say. But I value so much the internal world we’re all able to create for ourselves. Our ideas, our state of mind, it makes who we are inside. And that, no one can change that.

We shot these images in between two trips while we were staying in Zürich for an event. I can’t believe I haven’t posted these images yet as I’ve had them on my computer for a while now! I absolutely love the flare in these images. James is so good shooting when the sun is setting down. On that occasion I wanted to elevate the boyfriend jeans and make it a super feminine outfit. This Iro jacket was right on point. And a tremendous thanks to our new Kayteam member Ellin Anderegg who’s now in charge of the editing of our pictures. Make sure to check out her work, she’s such a talent :) x



JEANS : H&M (Similar Here)


TOP : Kymerah (Similar Here and Here)

CLUTCH : Jimmy Choo (Similar Here and Here)

SHOES : Michael Kors (Similar)

EARRINGS : Shay Accessories 

WATCH : Michael Kors

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