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Pastel pink


Happy monday people! First things first : I have to say, both James and I are SO happy about the feedback in regards to the previous photography article. We were thrilled to read all your comments, it was indeed so natural that he’d be the very first Kaytributor since you guys all know him already. Not to mention that he’s such an incredible talent and has so much to share. I can’t wait for you to read all that’s to come, but our Kayture going global will definitely be something… I have a deep excitement for it, so stay updated!

The day after Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in Monaco, their out of this world adorable team organized the cutest little brunch for their guests at the Monte Carlo beach club where we had the chance to enjoy delicious fresh market food and the most astonishing view… These kind of moments when you seriously just want to dive into the deep, shiny turquoise water, fully glammed up in my pastel pink ensemble but whatever. I would have jumped right it, but I didn’t want to look completely insane in front of all the crew so I just kept imagining myself doing it and felt very happy with the idea.

Even though that moment was so relaxing and we could have stayed there for hours, sipping iced lattes, munching on some fresh berries and re-inventing the world with our friends, a new adventure was calling us. If we flew in Monte Carlo straight form Shanghai, we were ready to leave just as quickly to Cannes for our next project at the film festival. After finishing our meal, we jumped in the car and drove to Cannes with big stars in the eyes, kind of pinching ourselves that everything is going so quickly, yet that we have the chance to live all these precious experiences. What a road we had so far! Pretty crazy.

Once we arrived in Cannes, all the memories from last year came back to us and I got so pumped up, I can’t even describe it. My energy levels got crazy and such an overwhelming feeling of happiness filled me. Perhaps was it because of the sun, the fact that so many great things were awaiting us there, or hum… the shanghai jet lag? but I just couldn’t contain the joy and started jumping around and singing silly songs like a 5 years old. So classy of me BUT why wouldn’t I? James and I couldn’t keep smiling while doing the check in. We soon ran to our next meetings, fittings and so on : totally overwhelmed by the magic of the Cannes ambiance.


TOP & SHORTS : Chloé (Similar Here or Here)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here or Here)

NECKLACE : Shourouk 

BAG : Louis Vuitton  (or Similar Here)


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