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Colors in delhi

Let’s head back to our Indian adventure shall we? I still have many things to share with you regarding this trip. From breathtaking, magical moments that took my breath way, to tales and anecdotes that will definitely stay in my wildest memories for ever. Ever since the beginning of this year, we’ve had the chance to travel a lot and explore some absolutely majestic destinations. And even though, I’ll say this : this trip to India might have been my favorite and even most memorable one so far.

Just because, from time to time, it feels incredible to live something so different. To get out of your comfort zone, to meet another culture and have suddenly all your world, routines, habits, perhaps even values, shaken up in a colorful cocktail mixer. I felt like I came in as one of these plain vegetable juices and came back all customized, all spicy with curry flavors, shaken up, my mind refreshed completely by new thoughts, perceptions and ideas. I do realize now what a strange comparison I just did!

Of course, as you may have understood, new ideas also popped in my head. Introspection was my solution to face what I saw and experienced. And that’s the beauty of a journey like this one and why I suggest it now to everybody. Coming to such a dense, colorful and vivid country like India can only open your mind and invite you on a quest. It’s a journey different for each and every one. But incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced.

Our first stop, in Delhi, was very short but extremely rich in emotions. Being hosted by Love Gold, we had the opportunity to explore some of the most emblematic areas of the city, try some local dishes, even visit a local art gallery to see art of Indian painters. For the occasion and during the whole experience, I wore the most stunning golden jewels, respectively by Pamela Love, Janis Savitt and Temple St Clair. It was an honor to sport these treasures, knowing especially how much they felt perfect with these colorful backgrounds.

My biggest dream was obviously to get to see the iconic Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, being located several hours away from Delhi and with a busy schedule with Love Gold for the next few days, it was an option to skip. Instead, we decided to explore a local market and buy some little souvenirs to bring back to our beloved ones. One thing is for sure, I am definitely planning to come back to see the Taj!


TOP : Tolani (and Similar)

BAG : Gucci Bamboo

SHORTS : Zara (Similar Here & Here)

JEWELS : Janis Savitt, Temple St Clair, Pamela Love, all courtesy of Love Gold 

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