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Formal with hugo boss

There are just days like these, where black is ALL you want to wear. To be totally honest, I am tempted to pull out total black looks most of the time… if not, almost everyday… (especially when it comes to fall/winter). And thank god I have you guys to push me towards creativity. I try to innovate my looks as much as I can here on Kayture and experiment with different color palettes and styles. Therefore, it’s been a very long time that I haven’t worn an all black look on Kayture because it has always seemed so simple and plain to me. But you know what, black is a whole thing by itself. You can never have enough black pieces in your closet : it’s all about the cuts. And let’s admit it, we all love it!

Black is just one of these shades that’s timeless, so perfectly elegant yet mysterious and edgy at the same time. Because of my face and overall silhouette, I like to break down my looks by wearing really effortless chic, minimalistic pieces. So I was really excited about this one in particular which is entirely from Hugo Boss. They clearly have the most amazing basics you’ll ever be able to find on the market. I’ve been wearing their clothing since ages now and the fit is always the best. I know that their pieces will embrace my body perfectly flattering every curve and lengthening all that needs to be lengthened!

To me, Hugo Boss is the very symbol of business chic attire. If you think of a suit for one of your most important meetings, you think Hugo Boss straight away. But what I love even more about them, is how fashion forward they are getting now that Jason Wu is part of the crew. The cuts are getting more experimental yet timeless, each piece just makes you feel like you’re a really important hehe

So the day we shot these images, we had a schedule packed up with meetings, so what better than working a suit with a little heel and sleek hair? It’s incredible how your outfit can have such a psychological affect on you, as I was wearing this, I felt so strong and confident : a real business woman attire that just made me wanna say super smart thing. Man, if all the clothes could make me feel that way ;)


Total look Hugo Boss / shoes Balenciaga

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