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#kaytips : seasonal trend spotting


Hello everybody! I’m so happy with your amazing feedbacks on #Kaytips, seriously you guys are the best, such a pleasure to share with you (I understand why Kristina’s so attached and grateful to have you). I’ve been writing articles for several magazines in Switzerland  but I have to say that sharing tips from my experiences, travels in a much more personal and “honest” way feels so good. Ok, let’s stop being emotional and start the serious things, yes, I’m talking shopping.

What I usually do is spend  hours (I’m very serious about it) on online shops doing wish lists of all sorts and categorizing everything trend by trend : like “The Perfect Oversized Coats” or “Culotte Trousers”. Then, as I obviously know that I can’t afford everything (because usually my list just goes on and on), I select one or two pieces I really want to invest in and/or  try to find substitutes from Asos, Topshop, Zara…

It’s just so nice to keep all of my favorite trends in mind so that when I go shopping, I know exactly what to look for. Just so we can share this sinful shopping moment together, I wanted to share with you guys some of my personal favorites for the season. Let’s get started!

T U R T L E N E C K   R U L E S

Oh god, that’s the best trend alert ever for a overcautious girl like me. I always thought there’s something about turtlenecks, an Audrey Hepburn elegance perhaps or a frenchy je-ne-sais-quoi… There’s nothing more effortless and chic than long hair tucked inside the collar, don’t you think? I remember Céline’s Fall 2012 show and I literally was blown away by how simple yet interesting was that white oversized turtleneck, a piece that almost everyone had in their closet but that nobody was really paying attention to. And not to forget : they really do keep us warm when the cold days come!

Then, we spotted turtlenecks on Wang or Marni catwalks, street style queens were all about it, they were everywhere! Cashmere, wool, oversized… make it rain! Asos and Topshop have great options as well but I mean, my heart belongs to this DVF one!



C A M E L  P I E C E S

It’s the perfect substitute to black during the cold months, I mean we were talking about elegance just before but what would be a black turtleneck without the ultimate camel coat? Camel-colored pieces add an instant chic to every look and the quest to the perfect colour is endless. For me, an oversize Camel coat was an absolute must to have for this winter, I was CRA-VING this one from Max Mara (if someone is willing to launch a quickstarter campaign for me) but I found the perfect deal on Asos. The cool thing is that the Camel shade comes in every pieces, we’re talking hats, culottes, turtlenecked dress (omg!), bags or shoes! Get your hands on it. Now.




Normcore is huge, a blunt anti-style which ended up becoming THE style the most coveted, and biggest trend since ages. We could see the influence of Normcore spotted everywhere, from streetstyle during NYFW to last season’s Chanel show in a Supermarket or Beyoncé’s 7/11 music video (her kale sweatshirt is the best thing that happened to me today) . It’s all about embracing a new way of being cool: just feeling good about yourself, and yes not brushing your hair sometimes or wearing your pyjamas out. The original notion of normcore is based  on the desire to fit in rather than stand out. And to be honest, it feels good sometimes to let it go a little and stop caring so much about being so different all the time. To me, Normcore is all about pairing a silk blouse with an old Levi’s and a Yankee cap or a cashmere pink coat with Stan Smiths. Or in the words of Alice Goddard : “Normcore Styling is about showing different types of clothing in a new way,” she says, “which normally means taking something—an item, a character or an idea—that I find kind of ugly and gross, and making it good.” From Wang’s leather belt bag to Vans slips on :


A L L     W H I T E     E V E R Y T H I N G

I had the chance to attend many shows during the last Fashion Month and I was so happy to spot some all white everything looks again. It’s one of my favorite trends ever, everything looks good in white. It may not be the most  practical color but forget about it : we’re talking beauty!!! It’s a fresh alternative to the grey, black and navy options during fall/winter. People who claim that white isn’t for the fall/winter, got it all wrong. White is the ultimate shade to get closer to perfection. From Proenza Shoulder to Topshop, you’ll find plenty of options below:



I T ‘ S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    P E R F E C T    C O A T


Winter is all about being comfy, and playing with layers to keep it warm. My favorite thing about winter fashion is definitely finding the right coat. Coats can change your outfit entirely. Especially in Winter, where the coat can actually be the whole outfit! You can wear a super chill all black look and throw a magenta oversized coat over it and there you go, no need to think further. Make it laid-back or very sophisticated! From oversized to animal prints, I did a selection from the web-favorites below:



Credits: 1. Phoebe Philo shot by David Sims, Vogue Paris2. 3. Nonoo Resort 2014 4. Mitograph 5. 

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