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Instagram diary


Hey babes! How is everything? I am currently in New York, just flew in the city to spend a week here and get ready to take off for London with all the Victoria’s Secret Angels on a private jet straight to London!!!  How crazy does it sound seriously…!? Attending this show has been one of my biggest dreams, to have this opportunity + to fly with all the angels aunthood plane is like pure insanity.

I am dying of excitement to be back in Europe, although already missing the sunny weather of Los Angeles. We’ve had such a productive and busy time there, it’s very insane to think of all the things we got done. But to be totally honest, I felt so bad at a certain point as I’ve been definitely blogging a little less than usual. My concentration has clearly been driven towards music in such a massive way : I was living, breathing, sleeping on music all day long.

My days consisted in waking up around 6am to head to Downtown L.A for my vocal coaching classes. Then we had a few meetings with artists, labels, agencies, songwriters and after lunch we were back at the studio recording all day until our brains were ready to explore so we headed out to grab coffee on Abbot Kinney, 5 minutes away from our place, and then back to the studio again until 2am in the morning. Very little sleep during these 2 months…

All I can say is that it’s been one of the most exciting periods ever. Being able to sing, do music and write songs everyday like that was a true dream come true… There’s nothing else in this world that I wanted to do more than that. We received during this time frame so many job offers : some brands wanted to fly us in Singapour, some in Paris, some in London… We said no to everything. I want to focus and invest my hear and soul into this.

I am so  into this and know how much work it takes to create the right product and to understand what I want to say as an artist.  Also, it takes sometime for me to get out of my shell as I’ve been used to do one thing for such a long time. Getting back into singing is definitely like jumping back 4 years ago when I used to be in a band and sing my  guts out at the local music school in Switzerland… I feel my heart rushing, my knees melting as I get back into this, and it means so much. I feel alive and doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

There’s nothing I wish more than to make great music and be able to share it with you one day. I am extremely excited about it and hope you guys will be there to witness this moment when it comes. Meanwhile, here’s a little Instagram diary of these last couple of weeks! Hope you’ll enjoy it :)


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