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Audemars piguet in paris

Paris, paris, paris… The streets, the air, even the music that plays in these long, late afternoons. There’s something beyond magical about this city. Something that even I can’t get a grasp of. Is it a scent? Or a particular light that just brightens it all up and make it all look like a living poem? Or is it the way life is, or the way people are, in their charming yet such intelligent arrogance? Paris… There’s something there that just makes me miss it every time I am away. And I can say this for fact, it always feels like a leave a piece of my heart there. My love for this city is absolutely unconditional. It’s beyond words.

There is no doubt why Paris has been forever the capital of creativity, whether it comes to literature, fashion or music, it has nurtured some of the greatest artists of all times. People are not after the fame or the money, some would much more prefer to starve on the streets if it’s so say what they need to say, portray the message they need to put out to the world : it’s about the craft and Art with a capital A. Some of my favorite artists are from Paris, whether it’s Charles Baudelaire, Dali or Gainsbourg, all of them have been so strongly affected by the city… And you just can’t help it. It takes you, it inspires you and it leaves you breathless. Because in this city, even if it’s raining there’s beauty in this strange melancholy that floats in the air.

All of this to say yes, I am in love. And this is the reason why my two best friends and I are now looking for a permanent appartement in order to move in! I know, I know… I have moved to L.A not so long ago but as much as I am obsessed with California and appreciate it so much especially for all the incredible opportunities and the musical projects I am able to work on there, a piece of my heart is in Europe and more particularly in France. I’ve always felt like my esthetic was so Parisian, all about this elegant, effortless vibe that I endlessly want to channel. So yes, my goal at this point, is to live between Paris and Los Angeles and travel back and forth all the time.

It means being perpetually jet lagged and probably growing bigger bags under my yes. Which is totally fine. The experience is completely worth it. I think it’ll be an absolutely mad adventure to be in the middle of two such different cultures and mentalities, but I find it so exciting to be able to get a taste of both world. This also means spending a lot of time on a plane (which I am thankfully already used to…!) and being great at time management. And thus, having a beautiful time piece to guide you through is definitely worth it.

While in Paris a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to work on a very exciting project with Audemars Piguet and wear their iconic, absolutely gorgeous new watch : the new Millenary. We celebrated the launch of the new time piece around a gorgeous dinner in Paris in the middle of Couture fashion week and the next day, we were off to the Pont Des Arts for the interview and shooting which you guys will be able to discover in this post. For me the AP woman is someone sensitive to her surrounding, creative, with her eyes wide open, always curious for what’s to come. She’s a visionary and has a very modern and innovative way of living which reflects in her choices. The watch is such an iconic, symbolical piece. It is much more than just a jewel, it becomes a lifestyle accessory guiding your way through life and circulating from generation to generation.

I hope you’ll enjoy these images guys! Seing them reminds me how much I miss Paris already! But good news is… Fiona and I will be back very soon (sooner than you might think!) and we’ll be kicking off a big appartement scouting session! I simply cannot wait for it. Meanwhile have a wonderful week-end guys and make sure to check Kayture tomorrow as we’ll be revealing a new set of very, very special images and get to talk more in depth about… music! Let’s do this!


TOP : Lanvin

SHOES : Ralph Lauren 

CULOTTE : Forever 21

BAG : Louis Vuitton 

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