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Fw detox

Right after we wrapped up New York fashion week, or wait, in the very middle of it, we had to skip a few shows as we were invited to attend a very exciting and special event in Milan. Direction Europe a few days, earlier than expected! Even though I missed a lot of the shows from brands I absolutely loved, it was a good occasion to wind down a bit before madness began again. As soon as we set our feet on the plane, the only thing I could think about was wearing a large fluffy sweater, no make-up and flats. And well… The moment I opened my hotel room door in Milan, it was all about ordering tea, taking a really long nap and pampering.

As much as fashion month is so insanely amazing and fun, it is also very intense, terribly stressful at times and challenging in terms of work effort and efficiency. We all want to make the best out of our days, attend most of the shows possible and well… Look amazing while doing it. On days when I really feel like it, it occurs that I change up to 4 times a day : meaning better try to stay organized. On other days, I drink a lot of espressos and force myself to pull out at least two, one for the day, one for the night. Seeing all the new collections is such a wonderful adventure and I am so happy that this year you can see most of it with me thanks to Snapchat!

So while in Milan I had the pleasure to take a bit care of myself before leaving to London. My goal was to detoxify as much as I could and keep my skin as clean and healthy as possible. Whether I want it or not, fashion month sort of means wearing a lot of make-up everyday because of pictures being constantly taken and therefore the skin suffers quite terribly… Travelling, lack of sleep, stress and on top of that layers of make-up. Not the best to maintain a healthy complexion. I make sure that the products I bring with me while I travel are the best I can get, less is more.

My number one tip is to really make sure to take all your make-up off before going to sleep, and it is so very tempting to just fall on your bed as soon as you come back from a party like a potato and not move anywhere, not even to your bathroom but believe me, your skin will be so thankful that you let it breath even if it was just for a few hours. It also allows you to refresh it and let it naturally rejuvenate. On the other hand, I bring a lot of natural products and some from one of my favorite swiss skin care brands L. Raphael. As I come from Switzerland, I truly value and appreciate the quality of our niche and luxurious skin care lines, the effects on the skin’s health are mental. I’ve been using L. Raphael for ages now and have to say am so impress by the incredible quality of each product. I tend to break out a lot because of the constant climate change and so the Mineral Balancing Power serum and cream have been my absolute favorite items as it prevents my skin from imperfections.

Of course, I would also recommend getting as much sleep as possible, drink a lot of water, avoir alcohol or sugar and stay as happy and positif as possible as this also, must definitely affects the perkiness of the skin! Guys, I highly encourage you to discover L.Raphael if you don’t know if yet, it is beyond spectacular. You will love it. The prices can do quite high but trust me, less is more like we said but you’ll see, you’ll need much less foundation once my skin is flawless. I hope you guys enjoyed these few little tips. Back!

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