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After spending a few days in N.Y for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I finally landed back in Los Angeles. It feels good to be home, unpack, open the fridge and snuggle on the sun heated rug of my bedroom. I am not here for long. Already leaving tomorrow to Rome for a project, so every, single, second counts. What happened yesterday night? Fiona and I fell asleep in the comfort of our dominant living room white couch, actually one of the only furniture pieces in our living room at the moment, while watching V for Vendetta and drinking Pinot Noir. We passed out at 7.30pm…!

Our minds and hearts were breaking, aching, heads were spinning with so many thoughts and emotions after these last couple of days saddening series of events. I’ve already expressed myself on the subject on my social media account but it’s true that needless to say, I still can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve grown up near Geneva, very close to France… And as you know, Fiona and I were planning to get our appartement in Paris, which is the reason why were were spending endless weeks there, enjoying the city, the art, the architecture, the literature, the people, the food… Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world, it’s the most poetic, romantic and magical places I’ve been to.

When the attacks happened, we were in New York and just had gotten back in our hotel room at the Nomo hotel in Soho. The first thing I saw was a message on Facebook from a close friend on mine who said that she heard a shooting near her appartement, in a restaurant where she was supposed to have dinner that night with her boyfriend if he hadn’t decided to cook dinner. My face got pale. And from then on, it went downfall. We cancelled all our evening plans and stayed in bed, faces covered in tears, witnessing from so far away the whirl of terror that was happening near our beloved ones. Our phones kept ringing and we spent our night calling and texting our friends to make sure they were safe…

Today, as I woke up, a few days after this tragedy, I realize how grateful I am to be alive. I’ve always embraced every second as if it was the last but this only proves again how fragile our lives is and how important it is to take every opportunity to do good. Social media gives us all a voice, it connects us. It is an opportunity for us to show our solidarity and especially to stay informed and well aware of what is going on. It is only with objectivity, intelligence and consciousness that we will be able to face this. One thing for sure, is that it doesn’t only concern Paris, it concerns the whole world.

On a lighter note, we have to keep living, we have to manage to not let this pull us down. It won’t take our smile off our faces, it won’t stop us from being free, from enjoying life, from loving, from going out… So let’s think about moving forward!

I am excited to share with you today a series of images that I shot with Cibelle around the holiday theme! I am wearing this beautiful black Deep V-Neck with cutouts dress from Express. Somehow, when I hear evening wear now, all I can think of is either sequins or long black dresses. Hope you will enjoy this shoot and remember guys, keep spreading good vibes. Keep spreading love.

BLACK DRESS : Express 


NECK SCARF : Saint Laurent

Photography by Cibelle Levi

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