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Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom standing in the middle of a desert, or floating in a sunrising sky in a hot air balloon. My first trip to Morocco with Cartier was a pure dream from a-z and honestly, I kept wondering during the whole time, how did I get so lucky so see, feel and experience all of this. The warmth of the colors in Morocco is incomparable. The only place it could actually slightly remind me of is India, with it’s welcoming, hot, convivial culture, the kids running around in the streets, the red walls and the sandy roads… The smell of spices in the air and a feeling of divine uplift, almost as if you suddenly connected with yourself in a different way, and saw the world from a different angle.

This trip of course was actually nothing like my trip to India. It was, first of all very short, orchestrated to perfection by the whole Cartier team, and definitely, utterly luxurious. You never get used to such things. And thank god. Because otherwise, I’d already be a spoiled little brat by know (which I truly deeply hope I am not, thanks to my closest friends for always reminding what a noob I am) and because each of such adventures wouldn’t feel so special anymore. The fact that this little Moroccan escapade was so short might have actually been a good thing, it felt like a dream. Just falling asleep and waking up in a hammock laying by a pool in an oasis lost in the middle of the desert. Needless to say, my only wish is to go back and spend more time there, explore the markets, the villages, indulge on Moroccan food and get a taste of people’s warmth and culture.

There was an unbelievable sense of serenity and spirituality that I’ve noticed quite vividly in Morocco. I don’t know if it’s just me being in this head space, but somehow it was different, I breathed, thought and felt different. More open, more serene, and in peace within myself. I’ve been trying this thing lately, which is called “going with the flow”. And don’t make fun of me. I am such a “perfectionist” (control freak in other words) that letting go of all pressures is difficult at times, and with summer at it’s peak, I can’t express how much I need to disconnect from it all and resource myself with true, meaningful, experiences, conversations, emotions. I guess it’s an endless self quest that shouldn’t only be good as a summer experiment, but more a state of mind to live and grow with.

I had such a feeling of peace while floating in the air, on a hot air balloon, at 5 in the morning. It’s as if time stopped and we were just observing the quite and calm of nature. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life. We get so easily stressed by so much and so quickly, we react so impulsively, we don’t take the time to think, fear and doubt guide so many of our steps and decisions… when actually when you’re up there, everything seems so simple, so tranquil. Perhaps it’s just us who make it all so complicated? Perhaps we don’t really take the time to really feel anymore. We’ve become numb to so much because we’ve been exposed to so much. We’ve developed a poker face in situations where emotions would naturally burst out, simply because we have to. Because the world we evolve in demands in. But it is so nice, to forget all that. Forget all these norms and commodities and just let go of it all. Feel what you go gotta feel, do what you gotta do, say what you gotta say. And not feel bad about it.

If there’s one thing I definitely want to do, is spend more time getting lost in nature and connecting with not only myself but also, as cheesy as it may sound, listen to the world, feel the energy of the ground, of the air, of the nature evolving and growing on it’s own and let this empower you too. You can’t feel all that while sitting on an airplane or in the middle of NY with cabs all around and people running everywhere with their phones buzzing all the times… It’s too much noise. We all need from time to time to re-centre and learn to feel and be again.

Of course I have to end this by saying a h-u-g-e thank you to Cartier for this unbelievable experience that felt so truly, deeply special and that I’ll never forget. For always making us dream and for making us believe that magic does sometimes exist, or at least it feels like it. Needless to say that their new high jewelry collection “Cactus De Cartier” is purely mesmerizing and was a perfect match to this earthy, gorgeous Moroccan landscape. I will let you enjoy the images and surprise, surprise… Guess who has a secret talent? Miss Fiona Zanetti shot these images and can we just take a second to note how gorgeous they are? Who knew girl had such a thing for angles. Enjoy x.

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