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Pictures by James Chardon

URBAN MINIMALISM There are just these kind of days, where you feel like rolling out of your bed (literally), in your pyjamas, eventually keep the blanket too, grab a toast and coffee and just head out and do what you need to do without worrying about anything else… Like the clothing you’ll wear, or the make-up, or the skin care… Uaargh, I mean sometimes when I see how simple it is for James to wake up and be all cool, get ready in like 5 min. I need at least 10 to dry my hair… Most of us, talking to you girls, have a much more complicated morning routine… Don’t we? And honestly, I feel like sometimes we should just stick to the basics like the guys and get more beauty sleep… it’s even better than make-up!

So we spent these past couple of days in Zürich, as we had some really cool shootings planned (don’t hesitate to check my Insta feed for more info, simply by clicking here) and few meetings to do. I decided to go for a really comfy and natural look, and now I wonder : why don’t I do this more often? Like, okay, usually I don’t wear make-up during the week-end to let my skin breathe a little, but during the week I don’t even think twice about it as I have such an established routine. I do it mechanically in the morning and that’s it! + I love my cat eye, and pampering in general. Using great products is a treat and such a luxury to start the day. But really, I loved having this nude face day (well almost huhu, used some YSL BB cream in Medium for a healthy glow, Terracota from Guerlain bronzer which has great highlight in it as well and tiny bit of Mascara, but let’s pretend it’s nothing). Thinking about doing it more often, even though I feel like I do look more tired with this look. What do you guys think?

BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Chanel
BAG : Valentino
RINGS : Topshop
WATCH & BRACELET : Michael Kors
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