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Moschino loves disaronno !

Pictures by James Chardon

LUXURY IN A COCKTAILNow that the end of the year’s celebrations are arriving, everybody suddenly starts thinking about buying the perfect Christmas gifts for their beloved ones, get more festive home interior decorations, find that perfect shiny dress for that special night and throw some of those successfull pre-christmas cocktail parties with a bunch of friends and a lot of great foods and drinks. In Switzerland we’re all about that. Give us some cheese, a great cocktail and we’re the happiest people on earth. I love throwing and attending cocktail parties, it’s always such a cool, casual yet chic atmoshpere where you chat around a lovely drink and light snacks. Now if we’re talking about a fashion cocktail event, it’s even better because you also get to wear a fabulous dresss, which makes it all so much more glamourous and luxurious of course. There is such a charm floating in the air during these kind of venues. But it’s also a big challenge to organize a succefull one! I personaly am I big lover of sweet drinks (I used to lick the end of my parent’s Bailey’s glasses when I was 4… that’s embarassing… I shouldn’t have told you that…) and I adore to try out new surprising mixes with unexpected tastes and ingredients. For this end of the year I love something a little deeper like a liqueur mixed up with juice, maybe some berries. I am not a big cocktail’s experts but am for sure fascinated by the confection ritual which I find so luxurious and interesting and I sure can appreciate a good flavour! 

We had the chance to be invited by Disaronno to attend their magical event at the hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan to celebrate the limited edition bottle of their famous and such delicious liqueur with the worldwide famous italian fashion house Moschino who create a new look for the timeless bottle. The party took place in the presidential suite with such a gorgeous intimate atmosphere, their new signature cocktail to try out throughout the night while enjoying the different rooms of the suite that offered a truly stunning backround and ambiance. Also a great thing about all this is that part of the profits from the MOSCHINO Loves DISARONNO project will be donated to the charity Fashion 4 Development (sponsored by the United Nations) to support the work of talented fashion designers in Africa, with Franca Sozzani (who was of course also present at the event) the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, as its Goodwill Ambassador. So let’s celebrate with a good cause in mind, make fashion cocktails and get ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!! I personaly will be planning a little party at my place for all my girlfriends to make them try this delicious Disaronno cocktail mix.

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