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Palms rise to the universe

Good morning everybody, first of all happy sunday (every sunday should be celebrated!!!). I woke up this morning happy like a little clam, as I had the most incredible day ever yesterday and I couldn’t wait to write about it. I attended the Spirit independent movie Awards yesterday as Piaget’s special guest, and it was truly an unbelievable experience. I will definitely share all the pictures with you tomorrow or the day after (you can already have a big sneak peek on my Instagram and Facebook). I was so excited to share with you folks some of my  first impressions.

I have always been highly attracted to the show business industry and therefore I was soo incredibly impressed and grateful to be in the same room as all these talented actors (turns out when I woke up this morning I found out on some website that I was an actress as well………. where did that come from!?). Attending the ceremony was just such a thrill, it was definitely like being part of something so special and extraordinary. I had to pinch myself several times and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to be there. All these people were so incredibly inspiring, their stories, their talent and hard work is something I so look up to, being there, just made realize that I was on the right track and that there’s no shame on dreaming big, being ambitious. Hard works stands behind every achievement and as soon as the ceremony was over and we got back to our hotel rooms, I worked on my music for hours, being so inspired by this flow of emotions and energy.

I will definitely share with you all the pictures of the ceremony and can’t wait to tell you all about the winners and how the whole event went through. For now, I am super honored to share with you these images we shot at the Piaget Lounge in L.A while I was choosing my jewels for the awards. I absolutely fell in love with this piece, it’s colors seemed to remind me the shades of California, the sky, the water, the palms… A perfect harmony of elements. And everything seemed so perfect right in this moment of pure bliss.



TOP : Phillip Lim

JEWELRY : Piaget 

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