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Summer city look

Dressing up in Los Angeles felt so easy. The sun just seems to smooth everything right? After months of cold weather in Switzerland, and let’s not forget the New York getaway that froze my bones for the next 3 weeks in advance, I was overly tired of the “layering process”. Seriously, what am I some sort of cake to have that many layers on me!?

And the challenge is always : “how to look stylish when it’s -20°”… So people… imagine packing the situation where you literally have to take an entire suitcase just for the coats when you go to fashion week. I mean in winter season the coat is THE center piece of the look, so you need a different one every single day while you’re there…Turns out you show up at the airport with literally five giant luggages full of sweaters and warm boots and of course the customs look at you like you’re some kind of freak trying to import some holy molly merchandising… NO!! I am trying to stay warm and cute here!!

Packing for Los Angeles took a little time but oh gosh, just the idea of taking only shirts, light trousers, shorts and one or two blazers was… Pure heaven! I feel like my life is mainly about packing, un-packing, re-packing and again so having the chance to send less energy on that was so delightful.

I had some reoccurring main pieces that I combined with different colors and styles during the stay : these Valentino shoes (they are my comfy heels, I can walk in them aaall day! plus they match so easily to any look), this incredible Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton bag in navy blue which is definitely my baby love now (you can put so much stuff in it, it’s just insane) and Céline sunglasses. Just because you gotta  protect these little eyes! Hope you guys enjoy this look!


TOP : Mango

PANTS : Romwe

BAG : Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Valentino 


JEWELRY : Piaget “Possession” collection bracelets, Vita Fede


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